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Community Showcase: Issue #3

Hello adventurers and welcome to Issue #3 of our Community Showcase, it’s been a while!

Every other Friday we will be taking a look at what you, the Community have been getting up to in the world of Mercia. So grab your favourite drink and join us for Issue 3 of our Showcase!

Feeling creative? Want to send us your fan art, blogs, videos, best screenshots or perhaps even photos of a diorama or a Black Death themed cake!? Now you can!
Send in your creations to: and get featured in our Showcase!

Here we are are at Issue #3, we’ve got HouserVT’s new guide, a newly formed Black Death RP group, a reintroduction on our Wiki and Seasonal Treats Teasers!

HouserVT’s Handbook (V0.19)

A basic guide for adventuring in Mercia, housing map included.

Take a dive into HouserVT’s Guidebook for V0.19, basic movement & mechanics overview, housing overview, housing map and more! There is even a Plague Doctoring section coming soon, so watch this space for more updates.

Damned RP – The Black Death RP Group

A wild Steam group appeared! Do you enjoy RP in a Medieval time setting? See yourself as a noble Knight or perhaps even as a recluse living the life of banditry? The DamnedRP is here for you and is taking on fresh blood, I mean fresh members, so enlist today!

For all black death role players there is finally a dedicated server specifically for RP, With a hierarchy system, kings/queens, lords/lady’s ect… You will al be able to finally take on the roles you’ve always wanted to, if you’ve met the requirements first of course. Go from poor to rich, Peasant to King/queen you make your life and rise to become what you’ve always wanted. Play your dedicated roles as lone hunter or join a military company hired to protect royalty or be a lone mercenary, Start up your opium/mushroom drug business as a bandit (but don’t get caught) there is no shortage of jobs of businesses to be made, Join, Enjoy and Play. ” – Dying_Chivalry, Admin of DamnedRP

The Black Death Wiki Revival

A while ago we had a post over on our Steam forums about our Wiki and how we wanted to revive it and move the content over to a new platform. I wanted to have a little section in this Showcase issue to highlight the Wiki again, I myself would like to help contribute to this migration as I feel it is an important element of the Community and having a place where information can be freely shared.

As many of you know this started out on Gamepedia (a site owned and ran by the popular and we are now migrating our Wiki over to a new platform, Fandom. More information about this change can be found over on our original post here.

Together with your contributions and help we can work towards making The Black Death Wiki a great source of information. If you require any help with your account or with making edits on the Wiki feel free to drop an email over at:

Thank you in advance for all your contributions!

Seasonal Treats Teasers!

I know it’s only the 10th November, but as you all know I like to be organised! I thought I would tease some seasonal social treats that I’m working on again for you lovely plagued people! That wonderful time of the year is just around the corner and I’ve got some ideas up my sleeves. I don’t know about you but I’ve already cracked open the mince pies! Our black Christmas tree with all it’s silver trimmings will be dusted down and making a return to light up the corner of the office at the start of December.

Dev Blog Special: The Journey So Far… Part 2
As a surprise Blog post last year on Christmas Eve we posted our Dev Blog Special: The Journey So Far. This Blog post was a meaty one, we took players back to the start of our launch into Early Access, our team events, interviews, a timeline breaking down key moments, your blogs and much more.

Once again there will be a big Community gallery of your best moments and memories in The Black Death. These can be in game screenshots and also out of game photos too! If you have any Black Death fan creations that you would like featured in our #PlagueMoments gallery be sure to send them in at:

This feature will be making a return around the same time, so if you’re too excited to sleep Christmas Eve we’ve got you covered with a chunky Dev Blog Special for you to read!

12 Days Of Plaguemas
Much like last year the 12 Days Of Christmas makes a return with a Plague twist. This will feature one image per day running from the 25th December to the 5th January and then a final image with them all!

Advent Calendar
Last years advent calendar went down really well, this years is going to have a more Medieval and Plague like feel to it. Instead of a traditional building with wooden windows to open I have an idea for something a little bit different in how this years will be! You will have to wait until the 1st December to see what I’m cooking up, so watch this space!

If you would like to send us your videos, screenshots, fan art, blogs and other creations just drop us an email at and you could be featured in our Showcase!

That’s all for this week, we look forward to your submissions and we will see you in Mercia!

// The SIG Team


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