The Black Death

Community Showcase: Issue #4

Hello adventurers and welcome to Issue #4 of our Community Showcase!

Our Showcase featured image this week is from Steam user Kaín!

A very Happy New Year to you all! We hope you all had a great holiday break and a good New Year too. Every other Friday we will be taking a look at what you, the Community have been getting up to in the world of Mercia. Grab your favourite hot drink and pull up a chair next to the fire and join us for Issue 4 of our Showcase.

Many apologies for the delay in getting this issue out to you all, things have been busy at SIG HQ recently and the team are busy at work on some great things! I hope to get back to the original schedule of every other Friday for these posts now that we are back, so expect the next issue on the 19th January!

I have been sorting out the Dev Blog Special Part 2, which will be posted out next Wednesday on the 10th January, sorry for the delay! Sadly today marks the last day in the 12 Days Of Christmas as our last post went out today I hope you have all enjoyed our 12 Days Of Plaguemas edition once again this year!

Here is 2016’s offering for those of you who missed it:
12 Days Of Plaguemas 2016 Edition

Here are the full 12 Days Of Plaguemas 2017 Edition in all their splendour!

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The Black Baron’s Black Death Photos!

We had a nice surprise from Community member The Black Baron in our inbox, many thanks again for sending these our way and for featuring The Black Death too! He sent us four photos taken from a recent photo shoot, check out the gallery below.

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“I do medieval re-enactment. Think I’ll do a photo shoot at a nearby castle in full armour, holding a “The Black Death” sign, for the community showcase. 🙂

I’ve only worn my linen and woollen clothes, a nasal helmet and gambeson hood in these (plus accessories). I also have a gambeson armour and a riveted chain coif and sabatons, but it was hot enough inside as is. I will wear the full armour outside when I have the time and the weather allows it. Many beautiful castles where I live!


The Black Baron”

The Gaming Gospel News

Josh Hay AKA Sir Issac Jewton, owner of The Gaming Gospel, has teased the return of two features on his website over on Twitter.





We would like to give a big thank you to Josh Hay for his coverage of The Black Death last year, it has been a joy to read each entry. We do recommend giving “The Doctor Of Mercia” a read.

If you missed the first part of “The Plague Is Everywhere” here is a handy link, along with the first part of “The Doctor Of Mercia”.

The Plague Is Everywhere…[P1]

The Doctor Of Mercia [P1]


Content Creators Corner

We’ve got lots of videos to show off in the content creators corner! SoulGamesInc, DevonDiesFirst & GamerBugUK all feature in this issue.

“The Black Death is upon us, but have no fear, Dr’s Soul and Alex (the worse one) are on the case. So long as you pay us handsomely that is and so long as we don’t get bored and leave town. You’ll be fine. Maybe”

Warning: There is some strong language in both episode 1 & episode 2 of SoulGamesInc’s videos, you have been warned!

SoulGamesInc on Twitter

Soul GamesInc on YouTube

Grab your favourite hot drink and snack and get comfy for DevonDiesFirst’s Black Death streams, each video is just over two and a half hours long!

“Lets see these changes and hope that the game is amazing. Today we are going to be working on building up our estate and property. As well killing some bandits and some trading.”

“Crating and Home upgrades + Combat and Exploration. Today we are going to be looking around the world and discovering new areas to the map. As well as Killing bandits and also Trying to get house upgrade 3 complete. And also Saying hello to my coolest most amazing neighbor. Who is that you may ask .. well stick around and find out.”

DevonDiesFirst on YouTube

DevonDiesFirst on Twitter

GamerBugUK shows off all the weapons and armour that can be crafted as of V0.20 in this 2 part special.

“After 0.20 released I managed to craft, buy or scavenge every piece of clothing, armour and every weapons that is currently available in The Black Death. In part one I cover clothing, soft armours and a variety of weapons.”

“After 0.20 released I managed to craft, buy or scavenge every piece of clothing, armour and every weapons that is currently available in The Black Death. In part two I cover hard armour, ranged weapons and a selection of high tier hand weapons.”

GamerBugUK on Twitter

GamerBugUK on YouTube

Steam Community Gallery

Here’s a selection of 7 screenshots picked from our Steam Community hub!

Credit goes to:

  2. Priester
  3. Kemasacil
  4. HomieLB
  5. Aerithy
  6. Johnny Tucan l Trading
  7. Kaïn

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Seasonal Wrap-Up

As some of you may have noticed there was no Advent Calendar daily posts, and the reason for that is because the plan I had for this years calendar was a bit too ambitious. There was a lot more work involved in this years idea and sadly it all ended up being a bit too much!

To summarise it was to be a giant Plague Doctor made from plastic bin bags, with a printed head/mask taken in game with real boots and gloves too (sounds awesome right!). He was to have 25 different small jute bags stuck to his robes with each one inked in red pen with their respective numbers. Each bag would have a Medieval themed item and small scroll with a “message from the King of Mercia” each day. This calendar was to be called the “Plague Pockets” advent calendar and would tell a Medieval Plagued Christmas tale with part of the story being unveiled each day, along with trinkets in some!

Alas this was not to be this year, but we did have the 12 Days Of Plaguemas which I hope you all enjoyed, and we’ve got our Dev Blog Special Part 2 arriving next Wednesday here on our Blog.

If you would like to send us your videos, screenshots, fan art, blogs and other creations just drop us an email at and you could be featured in our Showcase.

That’s all for this week, we look forward to your submissions and we will see you in Mercia!

Happy New Year everyone!

// The SIG Team


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