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Community Showcase: Issue #5

Hello adventurers and welcome to Issue #5 of our Community Showcase!

Our Showcase featured image this week is from EukSeq!

Every other Friday we will be taking a look at what you, the Community have been getting up to in the world of Mercia. Grab your favourite hot drink and pull up a chair next to the fire and join us for Issue 5 of our Showcase. Apologies on the delay for this issue!

Just as a reminder, the team have been hard at work on our upcoming update V0.24. If you would like to see what we are working on our Dev Blogs are the best place to go! Here are a few of our recent entries:Dev Blog #57: Mini Dev Update, Beta Patch Notes, Wiki Revival
Dev Blog #56: Dev Updates, Ongoing Beta Features & Beta Patch Notes

Dev Blog #55: Ongoing Beta Features, Current Beta Build Notes & Beta Build Progress

If you would like to jump into our Beta Test Server check out this Steam thread for details on how to switch to the Beta build.

Here is our Steam Beta Patch Notes thread if you would like to keep up to date on our Beta server patches.

Content Creators Corner

In this issues Content Creators Corner we feature GamerBugUK and Meow For MrWhiskers!

The Black Death | Fresh Start Gameplay

“Playing The Black Death on a new character checking out the progress of the game. it is in development currently as early access”

Meow For MrWhiskers on Twitter

Meow For MrWhiskers on YouTube


Gamerbug’s Guide to The Black Death – 0.21 – 0.23 – Bosoms and Backpacks

“So I haven’t played The Black Death in a while due to Christmas and other personal stuff, but I have started to poke about the features from 0.21 to 0.23 and see what they are about.

In this video I look at the new female character skins and the new backpacks and bags that came with the 0.22 Carriage update. I also briefly talk about 0.21 Kingdoms, bugs and some future updates in the pipeline.”

GamerBugUK on YouTube

GamerBugUK on Twitter


Steam Community Gallery

Here’s a selection of 7 screenshots picked from our Steam Community hub!

Credit goes to:

1. EukSeq
2. Cell NINJA
3. ॐ Deebears ॐ
4. Rabbit
5. Priester
7. Maroof Gaming

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Josh Hay’s – The Gaming Gospel

Josh Hay aka Sir. Isaac Jewton is back again with fresh posts on The Black Death for 2018! Grab a nice hot brew and check out the links below

I Found The Plague… I’m Not Sure How

I Have The Plague… What Happens Now?

Josh Hay on Twitter

The Gaming Gospel Official Website

New Community Server!

Community member Daemon has been busy creating a new Community server for The Black Death. This one welcomes new players to the world of Mercia and also those who enjoy RP.

“We are hosting a newbie oriented server since a month or so. We are tired to see new good players spoiled and leaving because of base raiding and lack of in-game structures. We offer a safe, fast and friendly protected server for those who need time to build their bases quietly. We are giving the opportunity to new players to refine their skills and prepare for the next PVP step.
This server is hosted by The crusaders and Black Knight as well. We are protecting housings, peasants or whatever classes you decided to choose. We provide help, resources and anything a newbie need to succeed in TBD.” – Daemon

The Black Death Steam Forums – Friendly newbie server


Massively Overpowered – Black Death Beta Coverage

The Black Death backs up and unloads a dump truck of beta info

A big thanks to the team over at Massively Overpowered for featuring our Beta updates and Dev Blogs, check it out at the link above!

MassivelyOP on Twitter

MassivelyOP Official Website


Player Written Book News

A big thank you to Turev Schrodinger for sending in a Player written book! This is being added in game to our upcoming update. Keep an eye out for this one on your travels!

Turev Schrodinger – Plague Medical Notes For The Apprentice Doctor – Volume 1

Turev Schrodinger – Plague Medical Notes For The Apprentice Doctor – Volume 2

To send us your stories of Mercia please contact SIG_Emily by email at this address: We look forward to reading your entries!

For the full terms of entry check out our Steam forum sticky post here:

Thank you in advance for your submissions!


Uthred’s Diary Images

Here are some images we found in our archives! These were originally part of the now in game Player written book “Uthred’s Diary” written by Alyngwen Clævyan a.k.a. Uthred the Unlucky.

These images didn’t make it into the in game book as we currently don’t have the feature to add images into Player written books at this time. These are the images in order and which chapter they are found in. Keep a look out for this book in game on your travels!

Book chapter – October 3rd, 1305 – The cave – Queens Province

The secret passage in The Black Goat Tavern that leads to a cave under Raven’s Reach.


Book chapter – October 20th, 1305 – Bywick – Bywick

Mercian Hops & Common Thistle

Book chapter – November 8th, 1305 – Crow’s Perch

Jars & Pots of herbs in The Seer’s house


Book chapter – November 11th, 1305 – Crow’s Perch

Logger’s Respite

Book chapter – November 18th, 1305 – Ironhold                     

Ironhold Hilltop

If you would like to send us your videos, screenshots, fan art, blogs and other creations just drop us an email at and you could be featured in our Showcase.

That’s all for this week, we look forward to your submissions and we will see you in Mercia!

// The SIG Team


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