The Black Death

Dev Blog #10: Community Spotlight!

Hello everyone!

We hope you enjoyed our coverage at Gamescom 2016! The team are well rested and are back hard at work on the next update!

In this community spotlight we will be covering your latest adventures in the land of Mercia.

The Merchant Of Ironhold (Adventures Of Gerald Whitebane)

The adventures of the great Gerald Whitebane continues in the latest instalment where Gerald has been in the monastery for four weeks and makes a decision that could change his path for good…

Adventures Of Uthred The Unlucky

Uthred The Unlucky is back in Mercia for a new journey!

Miniishadow’s Fight Night Friday

Steam and Discord user Miniishadow created and hosted their own event in The Black Death on the 26th August called Fight Night, the event took place in The Arena in Raven’s Reach, Queen’s Province and lasted almost 2 hours!

When everyone had arrived and was seated in the stands Miniishadow assigned everyone a number and explained the rules of the Fight Night. The brave fighters were called out in pairs to the centre of the arena and only one would leave. Miniishadow shoutcast each fight whilst the crowd cheered on the fighters. A hefty sum of gold was rewarded to the winners provided by Miniishadow themselves!

A huge thank you to Miniishadow from the SIG Team for creating and hosting the Fight Night event, we had great fun taking part and cheering you all on, here’s to the next Fight Night!

The Twitch link below is a full recording of the event on Miniishadow’s Twitch:

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Here’s where you can find Miniishadow:


Here is SIG_Emily’s full recording of the Fight Night event! Stay to the end to see SIG_Kap VS SIG_Emily battling it out in the final fight!

A huge thank you to Survivethis for writing their news story on Miniishadow’s Fight Night community event and to Sascha the head of Survivethis for attending the event, it was a great surprise!

Fight Night Screenshot 6

A big thanks to our community for shaping the world of The Black Death. We enjoy reading your amazing adventures and epic tales of life in Mercia and taking part in community created content.

Thank you for reading,
see you all in Mercia!

1 thought on “Dev Blog #10: Community Spotlight!

  1. It was a great Event and i hope the Community can develop more Events like this. And of course i hope that the BD-Devteam will develop more opportunities to participate in Events (Like npc-driven Events. Maybe Some NPC’s try to conquer an Castle).

    And just a Sidenote: Its Survivethis with a lowercase “t” not SurviveThis 😉 – everyone get this wrong 😀

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