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Dev Blog #16: Community Spotlight, Fight Night Special!

Hello everyone! It’s that time again for another Community Spotlight where we showcase what you, the community have been up to in the world of The Black Death!

We had to give a round of applause to My Usual Me for his amazing Black Death gameplay and patch notes talk video! Grab a nice hot drink and give it a watch, clocking in at 2 hours and 47 minutes of Black Death goodness!

Fight Night Returns!


Fight Night returned this week in full force! In total we had 14 fights, with a couple of rogue brawls and a final last man standing in the Arena! A massive thank you goes out from the SIG team to everyone who joined in the fun, we had a great time with our amazing community!

A MASSIVE thank you goes out from the SIG Team to everyone who took part in the fights, provided great banter, supplies, cheering, and to all our streamers! It was a whole lot of fun! Thank you everyone for making this Fight Night amazing! We sure did have a lot of fun with everyone! Thank you to our Black Death community for making these great events happen, thank you all for your continued support, it means the world to the SIG team!

A huge thank you to [SIG] Miniishadow for being a great host once again! A huge thanks to [SIG] HolyAvengerOne and [SIG] Kap for being there too, it means so much to us all! Here’s to the next Fight Friday!

We raise a cold tankard of ale to you all! Thank you for being such an AMAZING community!

A big thank you to:

– KLA Gaming
– Adria Of Astora
– Sam Ari Tan
– Chaosfrog
– Brandon
– Mexican Fury
– Queen Tulip
– Col
– Victor Bersan
– Shepherd Forester
– Uthred The Unlucky
– [SIG] Miniishadow
– [SIG] HolyAvengerOne
– [SIG] Kap

Sam Ari Tan provided the crowd and fighters with bandages, food and drinks throughout the event!

[SIG] JC was up to his usual mischievous antics! The Arena is a great spot for begging when there is a big crowd! Whilst the fights were under way and the crowd was distracted [SIG] JC saw a golden opportunity to lighten the load of our fellow spectators and their worldly possessions! After being caught [SIG] JC was declined entrance back into the Arena gates!

The chaos continued when suddenly everyone started coughing and throwing up all over the Arena! We are not sure who caused the mess but the plague was running wild amongst the fighters and spectators! The Arena was a mess, we suspect it was Mexican Fury who was the culprit! All of this happened even before the fighting had even started it was utter chaos in the Arena!

Fight Rounds!

Round 1: [SIG] LF vs [SIG] Emily
Winner: [SIG] Emily!

Round 2: [SIG] Kap vs [SIG] Miniishadow
Winner: [SIG] Miniishadow!

Round 3: Chaosfrog vs [SIG] JRow
Winner: Chaosfrog!

Chaosfrog was disqualified for not following one of the rules which was to only fight until your opponent is in a downed state! Poor [SIG] James came back to live the quiet life of a Monk later on in the event and Adria Of Astora challenged Chaosfrog to a fight to the death for his crimes!

Round 4: Chaosfrog vs Adria Of Astora
Winner: Adria Of Astora!

Round 5: [SIG] HolyAvengerOne vs [SIG] Pete
Winner: [SIG] Pete!

Rogue Fight!
Round 6: [SIG] Pete vs Chaosfrog
Winner: Chaosfrog!

Round 7: [SIG] HolyAvengerOne vs [SIG] Pete
Winner: [SIG] Pete!

Round 8: [SIG] Pete vs Col
Winner: Col!

Round 9: [SIG] Kap vs KLA Gaming
Winner: KLA Gaming!

[SIG] Kap pulled a cheeky arrow on KLA Gaming! The rules allow for melee weapons only, KLA Gaming was victorious despite [SIG] Kaps mischievous actions!

Round 10: [SIG] Emily vs [SIG] JRow
Winner: [SIG] Emily!

Round 11: KLA Gaming vs [SIG] Miniishadow
Winner: KLA Gaming!

Round 12: KLA Gaming vs [SIG] Emily
Winner: [SIG] Emily!

Rogue Fight!
Round 13: [SIG] Kap vs Adria Of Astora
Winner: Adria Of Astora!

Final Round
Round 14: Adria Of Astora vs [SIG] Emily
Winner: Adria Of Astora!

This Events Winners!
1st: Adria Of Astora
2nd: [SIG] Emily
3rd: KLA Gaming

After the final fight a last man standing was declared! Adria Of Astora stood tall amongst the fighters in the Arena as the chaos ensued Adria was cool, calm and collected and slew everyone in the Arena! After this an NPC Guard Captain wandered into the Arena and started to pick fights with the remaining crowd!


Here are a collection of this weeks Fight Night screenshots that we captured!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is [SIG] Emily’s full recording of the Fight Night event from our YouTube!

A huge thank you to [SIG] Miniishadow and KLA Gaming for streaming the event on Twitch! Be sure to give them a follow and check out their streams of the event.

[SIG] Miniishadow’s full Twitch recording:

Miniishadow on Twitter
Miniishadow on YouTube
Miniishadow on Twitch

KLA Gaming’s full Twitch recording:

KLA Gaming on Twitter
KLA Gaming on Youtube
KLA Gaming on Twitch

Tales And Travellers!

Your legacy remembered through the ages of Mercia!

We are getting into the spooky spirit! The nights are getting darker and Halloween will be upon us soon!

For this months book entries for The Black Death we want your Halloween themed stories!


The best stories will be chosen by the Small Impact Games team and created in game as lootable and readable books, you will even be able to store them on your bookcase in your home!

This feature is currently in Development so there is no set closing date for your entries!

Send your entries by email to:

We look forward to reading your entries!

Happy writing!

– Full terms of entry can be found over on our Steam forums:
…See you all in Mercia!

// Emily

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