Dev Blog #24: Suggest A Feature, Tavern Tuesdays Round-Up, Community Spotlight and Sneak Peek Screens!

Hello plagued ones and welcome to Dev Blog #24. We’ve got a new suggestions submission feature on our website, an updated Events Archive page, a Community Spotlight and some more sneak peek screenshots of our upcoming Version V0.12 update!

Suggest A Feature For The Black Death!

Have a suggestion for the SIG team? You can now send suggestions to the team through our handy form on our website. Simply give your suggestion a name/title and a good description explaining your thoughts and hit submit.

You can check the status of each suggestion over on our Trello board. As a team, we will go through each suggestion and discuss if it is something that we would like to add into The Black Death and if it is possible.

When a suggestion has been moved to the “Suggestions that have been implemented” category this means that these suggestions have been created and are ready to go into a new build of the game. You can also vote on different suggestions and leave comments with your own thoughts and feedback on each card. So far, we have seen some great ideas which have sparked great discussions here in the SIG office.

The Black Death Community Suggestions Trello Board

Tavern Tuesdays Roundup

A big thank you to everyone who has been attending our Tavern Tuesday events. We have been getting a lot of really good feedback and suggestions for The Black Death from the community at these events, it has been insightful to see your thoughts on how we are progressing with the new update. Thank you all for being patient with us, we promise that this update has a lot going on!

You can now catch up on all our past events over on our Events Archive in the Community Corner section of our website. Each event page will have its own details, screenshots, videos, and coverage and will be posted in our Event’s Archive section of our website.

Tavern Tuesdays Event main page

Tavern Tuesdays Second Event – 31st January 2017

Tavern Tuesdays Third Event – 7th February 2017

Here are some screenshots of our previous events!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Small Impact Games On Mixcloud

Add a bit of Plague to your morning commute! We are now on Mixcloud, you can listen to our past interviews, Tavern Tuesdays, Q&A and Update talks in a handy audio format.

Community Spotlight

Fresh out today on YouTube, Mr.Stainless001 shares his first impressions of The Black Death! A big thank you to Samuel Steele for checking out The Black Death, we hope to see more in the future!

“So what is The Black Death? And no, I don’t mean that scary old plague…well…actually…I kind of do, but more importantly I mean about this super cool, very promising looking Indie title. Check it out!”

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Surviving The Plague With Isaac Jewton!

Josh Hay (AKA Sir Isaac Jewton) is a spotlight blogger over at and the owner of The Gaming Gospel. Take a look back and catch up with Isaac Jewton in his latest look at The Black Death with part 12 of Survive The Plague. Isaac promises more for the series soon, so check back regularly for updates.

Survive The Plague… [P12]

“…Let’s get down to business shall we? I’ve looked at my list and I the three things I am going to talk about in this post are: Balance, Classes, and Game World. I will be talking about balance first… ”

You can also find his story, The Doctor Of Mercia, over on his website. It’s an epic tale spanning four chapters in length so far and we recommend a comfortable chair for this one!

The Doctor Of Mercia [P1]

“…As he went on and on mixing and trying new things, the monks eventually just went to prayer and gave up on finding a cure that could be mass produced. They had given up. It was just my father at this point… ”

Be sure to follow Sir Isaac Jewton for updates and posts!

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More Sneak Peek Previews!

We have some more screenshots for you all of some of the new areas that are coming in Version V0.12, take a look below! These screenshots are full HD and make great wallpapers for your desktop too.

These shots are of the revamped Logger’s Respite which resides just down the path from Ironhold, another shot of our new area in the Frostfall region called Svalberg, Raven’s Reach at night time and a new area beside the river bank in Queen’s Province!

Plagued Plants Mini Update

We have a quick update on our operation: plant revival. Sadly, we could not rescue our friend, we tried everything but it was too late, the plague spread quickly and all efforts were lost!

That’s all for this week’s Dev Blog, see you all in Mercia!


// Pete

// Emily

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  1. I suggest adding a couple zeros to the loot in Svalberg so there is enough to divide up it’s gonna take an army to clear out the area. 😉

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