The Black Death

Dev Blog #44: Delving Deeper Into Dissections, Infections & Sickness

Welcome one and all to our weekly Dev Blog!

This week we are taking a look into Dissections, infections & sickness, as well as a look into the new Housing system and a, peek at Guilds!

Update forecast: Our new update should be spreading its way into your Steam files within the next 24 hours!! Whooo!

As a quick note it is worth mentioning that yes, there will be a full character wipe on all servers.

Dissections & Infections

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Dissection is one of the core mechanics we are introducing in V0.19. You will be able to perform them on NPCs, Animals, and other players…

Starting out with the basic plague doctor skills inspect parts of the corpse you are studying such as the groin, armpits and other gruesome areas, disinfect wounds with crafted Cotton Swabs and wash parts of the corpse with boiled clean water. As you progress down the plague doctor tree you will unlock more dissection skills.

Some dissection skills require tools. Each tool is craftable and requires various materials, some which require other professions to access.

Sickness Stages

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As mentioned in our last Dev Blog, we have added more variety of NPCs into The Black Death. Some of these include Townsfolk who spread the Plague.

Stage 1 sickness will cap your health at 25%, this means that you will need to keep a close eye on your food, thirst and infection level. If you catch the plague again you will encounter…

Stage 2 sickness. This is hard to recover from, your character will start to cough and vomit more, you can take this as an opportunity to find other healthy adventurers and infect them too, or try to craft or steal a cure!

Housing Update

Houses are still a big investment. Now to claim land you must purchase a housing plot from a town earl, once you have acquired this visit any plot and use it at the workbench available. Once purchased you are able to deposit resources into your houses storage. You’ll have to do this to meet your houses upkeep cost.

When upgrading your house the cost of the upgrade will also come from this pool of items.

Once the house has been upgraded you will have several nodes throughout the building, each represented by a small pile of rubble and tools. Accessing these gives you options as to what you would like to build in that specific spot.

Guilds & social functionality

A very hot topic.

As some of you may have noticed there were placeholder screens for some of these features in the PCgamesN stream.

The good news is these are the groundworks for implementing these features and we definitely plan on adding them.

However, that’s all we can tell you for now. We’re still in the process of working out exactly how we want these features to function in the game and what we’ll need to do to achieve that functionality. Once V0.19 is out there I’m sure work will begin to move forward on these.

That’s all for this week!

…See you in Mercia!

// The SIG Team

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