The Black Death

Dev Blog #46: Update Forecast & Server Wipes

Welcome one and all to our weekly Dev Blog!

This week we are taking a look at Update Forecast & Server Wipes.

Update Forecast:

This Friday 10th November will see an update making it’s way into your download queue!

We have been working on refining our Player Housing system and working on fixes for housing resets that some people have been experiencing. We have also been working on narrowing down the cause of the Housing resets on our Servers, it has been quite tricky to locate the cause of this.

This update will also see an Engine Update to Version 4.17, which brings performance optimizations! So you should experience smoother gameplay as well as increased visuals with the new update. There are also a couple of little extras such as our new UI being applied to Merchant vendor chat windows, these should now have the new parchment effect on them.

SIG Pete’s farewell, citizens of Mercia.

So this is my final week at SIG ūüôĀ A month or so back an opportunity¬†arose for me to work closer to home. With a young family, it¬†makes sense for me to be closer and able to spend as much time with time as possible.

It was a difficult decision to leave SIG, I’ve been here almost 2 years now and it’s been a genuinely¬†brilliant experience. The team is passionate and driven and The Black Death remains an ambitious and unique¬†game. I do plan on re-visiting¬†Mercia in the future!

I would like to thank the community for sticking with SIG over the past year or so and continuing to champion the game. And of course¬†everyone at SIG, it’s been one hell¬†of a journey! And I hope that in the future I get the opportunity to work with you all again.

I honestly can’t wait to see how TBD progresses over the next few months, I know there are some exciting things in store!

If you want to keep in touch with me please hit me up on Twitter @PeterHarries

Planned Server Wipes

Due to the updates and fixes for this update we will have to perform a server wipe for all our official servers (including MegaServer). This wipe is necessary for the updates and fixes to take effect in particular regards to player housing.


With a new update planned for this Friday we will be having a planned wipe on all of our Official Servers including our MegaServer.

You can see the full list here over on our Steam forums.

The wipe will be happening as the update is deployed to our Live servers, so when you log back into The Black Death you should have a clean slate.

Mini Dev Update

We have been working on new Animations to fill in the blanks! These are digging, harvesting crops and also knocking on doors too.

That’s all for this week’s Dev Blog, keep an eye out for our Community Showcase making a return with Issue #3 arriving this Friday!

See you in Mercia.

// The SIG Team

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