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Dev Blog #47: Weekly Q&A Returns, Feedback Focus & Mercia Monthly Newsletter

Welcome one and all to our weekly Dev Blog!

We’ve got information on the return of our Weekly Q&A, a Community Feedback Form for you all and a Mercia Monthly Newsletter.

Update Forecast: V0.20 should hopefully be dropping sometime this Friday if everything goes smoothly.

Return Of The Weekly Q&A

Many of you might remember our Weekly Q&A that we used to run here on the Dev Blog. Here is one of our past Blog posts where we had this feature:

We had a pool of questions submitted by you all from our forums, Twitter, Facebook, Dev Blog comments and even by email. We would then fish out around 4-6 of these each week and answer them in as much detail as we could, providing we didn’t let lose any big update drops!

This will be making a return in next week’s Dev Blog! To start things from a fresh pool (there were a few rats floating in there) we ask you to submit to us your questions that you want answering from the team! You can send these via email at:, over on our Twitter, Steam Forums or as comments down on this Blog post.

The Black Death Social

You may have noticed there has been recent activity over on our Facebook and Twitter, this is thanks to Dmitri for scheduling some new content for you all, he has some more things planned.

Read our Dev Blogs but don’t have the game? Or have a friend who wants to join you in Mercia? Worry not! Keep an eye on our Twitter tomorrow for a surprise giveaway, be sure to share this with your friends too! If you have not yet followed us on our social pages, get a little Plague in your life and check out the links below!

The Black Death on Facebook

The Black Death on Twitter

Feedback Focus – Community Survey

We need YOU citizens of Mercia! We welcome you to sit down with a nice hot cup of cocoa and fill us in with your feedback about The Black Death. As always, we appreciate your responses and this feedback will be gathered up by Dmitri & myself and will be sent over to the team in a report. Your responses will be fed back into what we do here at SIG. There are a total of 7 questions for you to answer and the form will be open for the next 2 weeks closing on the 29th November at 6:00pm.

The Black Death – Community Feedback Survey

Mercia Monthly Newsletter

Do you feel there is something missing in your Email inbox? Could you do with some Medieval fun in one easy place each month?

We would like to welcome “Mercia Monthly” your one stop Medieval shop for all things Black Death. You may already notice a new element to our website. This is a top bar which can be seen on all our pages.

Simply enter your email address, click confirm and at the end of every month, starting December 30th for the 1st issue, you’ll see our newsletter landing in your inbox! It will have a rundown of

The Newsletter will include elements such as:

  • Community Member of the month
  • Best Screenshot
  • Best video
  • Content Creators Corner
  • A rundown of the months posts including: Dev Blogs, Patch Notes & Showcases
  • Fan submitted content

Much like our Showcase feel free to send us your fan creations and you might be featured in our newsletter! Send them in at:

That’s all for this week’s Dev Blog, thank you for reading and we will see you the same time next week.

…See you in Mercia!

// The SIG Team

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