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Dev Blog #48: Female Character Updates, Weekly Q&A & Feedback Survey Reminder

Welcome one and all to our weekly Dev Blog!

We’ve got NEW Female character updates, our Weekly Q&A and a reminder on our feedback survey!

New Female Character Model, Heads & Hairstyles!

Straight from the desk of [SIG]_Mac we have a NEW female character model teaser for you all complete with Medieval garb! This model will be replacing the current one we have in game. The ladies of Mercia will finally have something more suitable in their wardrobe than the usual trousers! When on the character creation screen you will have different colour choices too for these new clothes.

Another special teaser treat from the desk of [SIG]_Mac! NEW Female character head types and different hairstyles and hair colours too. With the new character model options the total of different Female customisations is roughly in the region of 64 different combos!

Weekly Q&A

Today’s weekly Q&A is quite a meaty one! Do not worry, if you don’t see your question answered in this weeks check back next time!

When will combat and AI get some love? They are my 2 biggest concerns as it nearly all seems to be about housing and UI in the past months. Bow animations are coming soon, but what about all the 1h swords, daggers, 2h swords and spears etc? Most melee weapons have the same animation; with striking similarities in range, damage and speed. Meanwhile, AI is unresponsive and no challenge, even if you pit a fresh spawn against a black knight.

We are moving to shorter development cycles in terms of updates, A.I. is at the top of the list in the coming weeks, after we and the community are closer to being happy with the general stability of the game one the features being focused on is the A.I.’s responsiveness and diversity, including differences in their behaviour/difficulty. Also making sure guards throughout the world including ones purchased for your own house act as intended. In terms of combat we still have strong plans to make sure different weapons provide different animations to give variation to how you attack, this will include the A.I.’s animations and weapons also.


Can you give us some insight on what features and systems changes or implementations you guys have currently planned and on the docket to help support, promote and encourage player interactions, social encounters and an heightened sense of “people” within the game?

As we speak we are developing and improving the chat system within our game which will support the upcoming guild features we want to deliver, also our in-game map is being improved to support the current house ownership status meaning you can see how much land you own versus all the other players within the server which should add an interesting social aspect to the game. Trading is something also being discussed that needs to return to the game in a more stable and effective manner.


What patch number do you think you all will completely change the game again into something else?

We take that as a compliment as changing the game completely is a serious body of work! In all honesty however, steam, as a platform is incredibly competitive and for us to gain new players and to keep current ones active is no easy feat and requires us to alter the core of the game in more than one occasion, recently this has made us realise that polish can sometimes fall by the wayside but we found this has been necessary for us to put systems in place to make sure that there is a late game to discover, previously our systems were restricted in terms of expansion now we are more capable of making our game last longer and include more depth. The short answer however is we feel we are done with altering the core aspects and we are now on a path of extending the games content rather than “completely changing it”.


I love the changes that have been done to the housing which is a huge part in the game. As quests and classes get more action, are there any plans to push this further?

Quests is something we really want to push! we know due to budget and time restraints we won’t be making full quality cinematic storyline experience on par with great games such as the witcher and Skyrim however we are excited to build a procedural quest system to help players explore harder to reach areas of the map and discover new content in the coming months.


I’d like to know if you are going to make more of the careers in depth like you did the physician? I think that was very cool and would like to see additional career choices along those lines. And will we have the option of selecting more than one at first?

We are looking to add more content in terms of items that can be created through being a skilled doctor which will enable you to increase your health and stamina, a crude example would be using unnaffected blood to increase vitality. We are going to add more content to the other professions incredibly soon such as new tiers of armour for blacksmiths and crafting bags for additional carry weight within the artisan tree. We know we need to add content that makes a difference to your playthroughs and give new opportunities throughout. We are also aware that there’s some content that is missing from the previous version of the game that needs to be implemented again such as learning to steal through the bandit profession.

Feedback Survey (Closes: 29/11/2017 6pm UTC)

We need YOU citizens of Mercia!

In case you missed our Dev Blog last week here is a friendly reminder of our Community feedback survey. If you have a spare few minutes we would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out our feedback survey for The Black Death.

As always, we appreciate your responses and this feedback will be gathered up by Dmitri & myself and will be sent over to the team in a report. Your responses will be fed back into what we do here at SIG. There are a total of 7 questions for you to answer and the survey closes next Wednesday the 29th November at 6:00pm UTC time.

Thank you in advance for your submissions!


The Black Death Community Feedback Survey

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

See you in Mercia.

// The SIG Team

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