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Dev Blog #50: Backpack Teaser & Community Reminders

Greetings citizens of Mercia and welcome to Dev Blog #50, what a milestone!

We’ve got a Backpack teaser and reminders on our Community on goings! This week’s Dev Blog is smaller than usual, but expect to see Community Showcase Issue #4 tomorrow!

Backpack Teaser!

From the desk of SIG_Mac, this backpack will be a craftable item found in the Artisan recipe/skill tab. There will be three different backpacks in total, each of these will increase your carry weight in stages. These will be sure to make a fine addition to any adventurers attire!

Founders Deadline Reminder – Closes 15/12/2017

This is just a friendly reminder about our Founders Channel submission entries. You all have until next Friday on the 15th December at 6pm GMT to submit your names to us for approval. Below is a reminder of our original post:

As a token of our thanks we would like to give Players the opportunity to receive an in game Golden name, if you fall into one of these categories type your Steam ID into the Founder’s Channel and we’ll do the rest!

The Black Death Official Discord – Founder’s Channel Link

– Are a long standing member of the Community
– Have been helpful to other Community members and shown kindness
– Have submitted Bug Reports to us through our Google Form or by Email

The deadline for submissions is the 15th December 2017 at 6pm GMT.

Your Steam ID should look something like this, unless you have not set a custom URL, then it will be displayed as numbers.

We will be verifying all Community members to check your status on the above categories. We will be flagging your SteamID’s in a future update and these will be included in our Patch Notes.

Weekly Q&A Questions Reminder

We need some more questions for our Weekly Q&A pool, go ahead and drop us a few over on our Steam thread and we’ll fish them out and answer some in next weeks Blog!

Submit Your Questions For Our Weekly Q&A’s Here!

You can send these via email at:, over on our Twitter The Black Death on Twitter or directly over on our Steam forum thread at the link above.

Your questions will be gathered up and kept in our Q&A pool, so if you don’t see your question answered in the next Dev Blog you may see it in a future one! Please note, this thread has no closing date.

Feedback Survey Reminder – Closes 13/12/2017

As a reminder from Dev Blog #47, this feedback will be gathered up by Dmitri & myself and will be sent over to the team in a report. Your responses will be fed back into what we do here at SIG. There are a total of 7 questions for you to answer and the form will be open until the 13th December 2017 at 6 pm GMT.

The Black Death Community Feedback Survey

A big thanks to those who have sent in their feedback so far and wanted their names displayed on our blog!

Running Blind
Horn Drinker

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

See you in Mercia.

// The SIG Team

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