The Black Death

Dev Blog #53: Dev Updates, Beta Server Build & Dev Blog Special Part 2

Greetings citizens of Mercia and welcome to Dev Blog #53!

We’ve got a Dev Update, Beta Server Build and our Part 2 Dev Blog Special.

Dev Updates

We are currently working on a range of things for The Black Death, one of the main things is improving the way gameplay flows, both in combat and in general.

More things can be done whilst moving around, such as looting and picking up items as the animations for these have been removed to allow for a more fluid gameplay experience.

Here are a few teasers!

– Resources are now procedurally placed
– New AI types! (Sick Beggars, Monk Fanatics, Shield Wielding Templars & more!)
– HUD Revamp
– Quick Slot Bar
– Added a new system & functionality that allows dragging and dropping of armour,    weapons, tools and items to the Quick Slot Bar
– Functionality added for right clicking on items in the Inventory
– Resources/Materials now stack in the Inventory
– New revamped Rarity System

Some of these are as follows: Procedural loot system, Combat/fighting and also work on our AI. All of these tie into core areas of The Black Death so these may take some time for us to refine as we work on improving them.

From the desk of SIG_Mac here is a GIF showing off our new Quick Slot Bar and also our dragging and dropping system! Notice the new icons and Inventory layout, as well as slots for armour, bag and ammo too. There has also been a rework to the centre page of our Inventory/Crafting window.

From the desk of SIG_JC, here is a teaser of one of the new areas currently being worked on. These areas will be home to outlaws and bandits a’ plenty! Make sure to take a few torches on your travels to these overrun hotspots.

From the desk of SIG_Mac, here is a teaser of the new “Greater Armour Set” that will be introduced in our upcoming update! This will be craftable as a high tier set under the Blacksmith’s recipe tab.

Here are some teasers for our new AI types! This one is our new Sick Beggar’s. When at range they will throw rocks at you as an additional attack.

This is one of our Bandit Boxer’s! Up for some good ‘ol fashioned bar brawls, Medieval style?

Here’s our last AI teaser, featuring our Two Handed Templar’s! Going ranged to deal with these baddies is a must.

Beta Server Build

We hope to bring you a new Beta build on our Test_Beta server soon with some of these new additions and changes in.

When we do have updates to our Beta server we hope that you will all understand if there are issues present. This is of course intended as a testing ground for updates and patches. If you do find anything be sure to report it over on our Google Bug Form, and make sure you select “Version V0.xx (Beta)”

There is now a Google Form that will appear in your web browser once The black Death has been closed after playing. This form will only load in your browser if you have been playing on the Beta branch. It is designed to help us gather feedback whilst it is still fresh in your thoughts after playing so we can get a clear impression on Player thoughts. We greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thank you in advance for your submissions.

Dev Blog Special: The Journey So Far… [Part 2]

Join us once again in this special edition Dev Blog as we go back in time through the ages of Mercia and thank our amazing community for being with us on this epic journey. So grab a nice hot mug of your favourite brew and join us as we take a look back on 2017…

Dev Blog Special: The Journey So Far… [Part 2]


That’s all for this week, see you next time!

// The SIG Team

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