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Dev Blog #58: Updated Profession System, New Attributes System & New Building System Teasers

Greetings citizens of Mercia and welcome to Dev Blog #58!

We hope you are all keeping warm, we’ve had snow everyday this week and the kettle has not stopped boiling here in the office!

We have details on our updated profession system, our new attributes system and a sneak peek teaser of our new building system!

Updated Profession System

So we decided to add some of the elements of the previous profession system back into the game to make you feel more like you have a starting profession but at the same time not locking off the rest of the games content and to tackle issues with transitioning your profession. Now you can pick a profession that provides extra attributes that are themed around your choice and gain a few recipes (skill level) in that said profession at the start. For example if you choose doctor at the beginning you will have more health, have access to crafting cotton swabs from the start and have the doctor’s title.


Attributes System

We have now introduced a new feature to allow players to spend skill points on a range of stats such as health, carry weight, run speed, weapon damage and even bartering. These are lost upon death, however this may change in the future depending on it’s effect.

Each attribute type has 10 levels, here is a rough breakdown of what type it is and what it does:


Increase your max health from 60 to 120 over 10 levels with in average increase of 3 per level.


Increase your max stamina from 100 to 160 over 10 levels with an average increase of 3 per level


Decrease the crafting time to create items in any recipe, you can decrease crafting time up to 16 seconds at the maximum level of 10. This attribute also includes increasing the chance of a rare versions of the items such as royal swords and armour.


Decrease the cost of items at any trader of up to 40% at the max level of 10.


Increase your sprint speed by 20% over 10 levels with an average increase of a 1% per level.


Increase your punching damage by 100% and carry weight by 60 over 10 levels. Your carry weight increases by 3 per level this works on top of any additional weight from bags you have equipped.


Increase your attack with swords with up to a 15 damage bonus over 10 levels


Increase your attack with bows with up to a 10 damage bonus over 10 levels

Heavy Swordsman

Increase your attack with two handed swords with up to a 15 damage bonus over 10 levels


Increase your attack with daggers & knifes with up to a 15 damage bonus over 10 levels


Increase your max hunger with up to 60% with an average of 3% per level.


Increase your max thirst with up to 60% with an average of 3% per level.

New Building System Teasers (Sneak Peek Preview)

Here are a couple of teasers of our new building system! Soon you will able to place fences, walls, utilities and more. Placeables will appear as a white glow before they are spawned into the world. You will also be able to rotate these before placing them. Want to place some farmland and build a fence around it? Now you can!


Bigger structures such as towers, higher quality spiked fences and more will be placeable for creating some great fortifications. Building up your own castle will now be a reality with our new building tools. These placeable structures will also snap together when you are building to ensure that there are no seams or gaps.

This system still has a lot of work, but we wanted to show off what we are working on behind the scenes. When this new system is in we cannot wait to see what the community creates with these tools!


That’s all for now, thanks for reading and see you next time!

// The SIG Team


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