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Dev Blog Special: The Journey So Far… [Part 2]

Welcome back adventurers! We hope you all had a great Christmas/Holiday break and a good start to the New Year, we hope 2018 is a good year!

It’s finally here, part 2 of “The Journey So Far”! If you missed last years instalment check it out here by clicking on the collage photo below or clicking here.

Dev Blog Special: The Journey So Far…

Join us once again in this special edition Dev Blog as we go back in time through the ages of Mercia and thank our amazing community for being with us on this epic journey. So grab a nice hot mug of your favourite brew and join us as we take a look back on 2017…

Interviews, Trailers and Q&A’s

The SIG Team took a break from events and expos in 2017 and focussed on crafting updates for The Black Death. We’ve got a selection of Interviews and Q&A’s for you in this section. Our “A Year Of The Black Death” is a must watch!

The Black Death – The Long Night (2017) Trailer

The Black Death – The Long Night – Developer Walkthrough

The Black Death – Developer Q&A (April 2017)

The Black Death INTERVIEW: Own a Castle, Player Feedback, and More

A Year Of The Black Death

The Black Death – Relics Trailer (PC)

The Black Death – Pestilence Trailer

The Black Death LIVE with Ben & Cameron Small, lead developer – plus Twitch GIVEAWAY!

SIG Mixcloud – Interviews & Audio From Events

Head on over to our Mixcloud to find audio from our past interviews, Dev talks and in game events too.


The Black Death Infographics: 2017 Editions!


Small Impact Games Timeline 2017

Dev Blog – 6th January – Dev Blog #22: The Champions Council, Weekly Q&A and Tavern Tuesdays!

In-Game Event – 17th January – Tavern Tuesdays #1

Dev Blog – 28th January – Dev Blog #23: Tavern Tuesdays, V0.12 Sneak Preview, Community Poem and Plagued Plants!

In-Game Event – 31st January – Tavern Tuesdays #2

In-Game Event – 7th February – Tavern Tuesdays #3

Dev Blog – 20th February – Dev Blog #24: Suggest A Feature, Tavern Tuesdays Round-Up, Community Spotlight and Sneak Peek Screens!

Dev Blog – 23rd March – Dev Blog #25: V0.12 what you need to know and why it’s taken so long

Teaser Trailer – 29th March – The Long Night teaser

In-Game Event – 21st March – Tavern Tuesdays #4

Trailer – 1st April – The Black Death – The Long Night – V0.12

Update – 1st April – V0.12 – The Long Night

Video – 11th April – The Black Death – The Long Night – Developer Walkthrough

Video – 12th April – The Black Death – Developer Q&A (April 2017)

Video – 26th April – The Black Death INTERVIEW: Own a Castle, Player Feedback, and More

Hotfix Notes – 12th May – Patch Notes: Current Update V.012 Hotfix – 12/05/2017

Video – 26th May – A Year Of The Black Death

Dev Blog – 31st May – Dev Blog #26: What we’re working on for V0.13!

Update – 2nd June – V0.13 – Beggar Buff!

Dev Blog – 7th June – Dev Blog #27: Durability fixes, Peons and Armour progress.

Dev Blog – 14th June – Dev Blog #28: V0.14, compass and new housing

Update – 16th June – V0.14 – Industry

Dev Blog – 21st June – Dev Blog #29: New pillage area, component based crafting, UI work and Upcoming Community Event!

In-Game Event – 25th June – The Beta Wars!

Dev Blog – 28th June – Dev Blog #30: The Black Gate, Rats, UI Changes, AI, Beta War Battle Report & Server Stability

Update – 30th June – V0.15 – The Black Gate

Dev Blog – 5th July Dev Blog #31: More optimisations, New pillage Area, New Enemy NPC & Asset Clean-Up

Dev Blog – 12th July – Dev Blog #32: Catacombs Concepts, Book UI Previews, Pillage Poll & Super Secret Sneak Peek!

Update – 14th July – V0.16 – Magnum Opus

Dev Blog – 19th July – Dev Blog #33: Relics Teaser, Crypts & Catacombs Concepts & Server News

Dev Blog – 26th July – Dev Blog #34: Animation Previews, 10K Gold Giveaways & Spotlight Revamp

Trailer – 28th July – The Black Death – Relics Trailer – V0.17

Update – 29th July – V0.17 – Relics

Community Showcase – 1st August – Issue #1

Dev Blog – 10th August – Dev Blog #35: An in depth look at the plague

In-Game Event – 13th August – Tides Of War!

Dev Blog – 16th August – Dev Blog #36: Combat, weapons, doors and storage!

Update – 18th August – V0.18

Dev Blog – 24th August – Dev Blog #37: Delving Into The Plague – Infection, Remedies & Preventions

Community Showcase – 25th August – Issue #2

Dev Blog – 30th August – DEV BLOG #38: The economic impact on the Black Death

Dev Blog – 7th September – Dev Blog #39: Bow tweaks and the Bywick revamp

Dev Blog – 16th September – Dev Blog #40: Update Forecast & The Black Death History Timeline.

Dev Blog – 22nd September – Dev Blog #41: The coming update, Freeman’s port work and TIGA award nomination

Interview – 5th October – The Black Death LIVE with Ben & Cameron Small, Lead Developer – plus Twitch GIVEAWAY!

Dev Blog – 11th October – Dev Blog #42: Character Creation Journal, Questing & New Profession Progression

Dev Blog – 16th October – Dev Blog #43: A closer look at how professions are now structured

Trailer – 17th October – The Black Death – Pestilence Trailer – V0.19

Dev Blog – 18th October – Dev Blog #44: Delving Deeper Into Dissections, Infections & Sickness

Update – 19th October – V0.19 – Pestilence

Dev Blog – 1st November – Dev Blog #45: Introducing Our New Community Manager

Dev Blog – 8th November – Dev Blog #46: Update Forecast & Server Wipes

Community Showcase – 10th November – Issue #3

Dev Blog – 15th November – Dev Blog #47: Weekly Q&A Returns, Feedback Focus & Mercia Monthly Newsletter

Update – 17th November – V0.20 – Co-Op Housing

Dev Blog – 23rd November – Dev Blog #48: Female Character Updates, Weekly Q&A & Feedback Survey Reminder

Dev Blog – 29th November – Dev Blog #49: Requested Features Teaser, New Discord Server, Weekly Q&A & Feedback Survey Extension

Update – 1st December – V0.21 – Kingdoms

Dev Blog – 7th December – Dev Blog #50: Backpack Teaser & Community Reminders

Update – 11th December – V0.22 – Carriage

Dev Blog – 14th December – Dev Blog #51: Mini Dev Update, Feedback Survey Closure & Founder’s Name Deadline

Update – 16th December – V0.23

Dev Blog – 21st December – Dev Blog #52: Dev Update, Founder’s Name Closure & Community Moments 2017 Submissions

The Black Death Key Art Wallpaper Gallery & Update Trailers

Here are a selection of The Black Death “Key Art/Covers” that were used for our updates. Here is a gallery as well as a download link for the Artwork collection, these images are all at a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

The Black Death – Update Artwork Collection

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SIG In Game Community Events 2017

Here are all the Community events that we ran in 2017. Tavern Tuesdays, The Beta Wars and Tides Of War!

SIG Presents: Tavern Tuesdays

We introduced a new segment that ran every other week. This event was Tavern Tuesdays! Along side our Q&A section in our Dev Blogs we wanted to create an event that would take place in game where the Community could talk with the team on a more interactive level. What better place to host this event than in a tavern!

17th January 2017 – Tavern Tuesdays #1 – YouTube Video (No Audio)

Note: Unfortunately there was no audio recorded for the first Tavern Tuesdays event!

31st January 2017 – Tavern Tuesdays #2 – YouTube Video

31st January 2017 – Tavern Tuesdays #2 – Mixcloud Audio Track

31st January 2017 – Tavern Tuesdays #2 – Blog Post & Transcript

7th February 2017 – Tavern Tuesdays #3 – YouTube Video

7th February 2017 – Tavern Tuesdays #3 – Mixcloud Audio Track

7th February 2017 – Tavern Tuesdays #3 – Blog Post & Transcript

21st March 2017 – Tavern Tuesdays #4 – Mixcloud Audio Track

The Beta Wars – 25th June 2017

The Beta Wars original post text:

“We invite you to join us for an evening of absolute mayhem! Hosted by Kap, Art’eamon (and the Templar’s) and our very own [SIG] Emily, we’re organizing the biggest battle the game has seen yet!”

This will take place on THE BETA SERVER @ Queen’s Crossing Bridge

On the 25th of JUNE 2017 @ 17:00 UTC

We will be giving out gold, weapons and skill points to use during the battle, so the options will be endless. Expect absolute carnage. The goal is to have a battle that includes every player on the whole server, we can even extend the server capacity if we have enough interest…”

The Beta Wars: Battle Report

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Beta Wars event on Sunday 25th June over on our Beta Test server, we hope you all had a great time! Here’s the “Battle Report” of the event from our Dev Blog #30, simply click on the image below to jump to the post or click here!

Dev Blog #30: The Black Gate, Rats, UI Changes, AI, Beta War Battle Report & Server Stability

Check out CookiesNeedLove‘s YouTube videos from The Beta Wars event! Cookies made a fan trailer with footage he took from the event and also a clip of the grand winner Kez!


Tides Of War! – 13th August 2017

The Beta Wars original post text:

“Will you make Mercia your next port of call and turn the tides of war?

This Sunday, the 13th August we are hosting another battle with the SIG team! Grab your best weapons and armour and head on over to Freeman’s Port to test your mettle. The battle will be the Community vs the Devs! In our past events such as The Beta Wars we started out having the two sides face off against each other and ended things with an all out last-man-standing!

Each Dev will be carrying 10k Gold on them, so the race is on! The team will not be parting with their Gold and items easily, so expect a challenge!

Location: Freeman’s Port

Server: SIG Mega Server

Time: 5:00pm BST / 4:00pm UTC

Day: 13th August 2017″

Community member HouserVT created a couple of videos from the Tides Of War event, check them out below.

HouserVT – Tides of War

Tides of War from HouserVT’s Perspective

Plagued YouTubers of 2017

Here is a selection of YouTubers that have featured The Black Death throughout last year, check them out below!


GamerBugUK On YouTube


Constant Warfare on YouTube


Bosco’s World on YouTube

My Usual Me on YouTube


Bill Em (Beyonder2k9) on YouTube


Seki Barker on YouTube



Black Death Fan Blogs

Josh Hay (AKA Sir Issac Jewton) released more parts of his “Survive The Plague” series in 2017, check them out down below.

Josh Hay’s (Sir Issac Jewton) The Gaming Gospel

5th January – Survive The Plague… Part 11

10th February – Survive The Plague… Part 12

7th March – Survive The Plague… Part 13

11th March – Survive The Plague… Part 14

20th May – Survive The Plague… Part 15 [Patch Analysis]

11th June – Survive The Plague… Part 16 [Final]

20th July – The Plague Is Everywhere… Part 1

29th September – The Plague Is Everywhere… Part 2


Community Plague Moments & Memories 2017

Just like last year here’s our Community section on your #PlagueMoments of 2017. We asked what your favourite update was of last year and V0.19 Pestilence came out on top!

Why was the Update you selected your favourite?

“The whole new doctoring branch; revamped housing, new areas. Was just a major update & change. I also enjoyed the testing & bug reporting from this build.” – V0.19: Pestilence

“I just liked how I could work together with people, even though sometimes it annoyed me how somebody would build a bed that blocks the door” – V0.20: Co-Op Housing

“It added the bags to the game and I hope there is more items incoming or new classes/roles etc” – V0.22: Carriage

“Lots of new stuff and UI optimizations” – V0.19: Pestilence

“Was great in terms of progress” – V0.15: The Black Gate


What was your best moment or memory from The Black Death this year?

“The Beta Wars – Devs against players, lot of people all on a server, geared out, and battled to the death.”

“Definitely when I first succeeded in killing a player. It was self defence, of course.”

“travelling to Bywick in search of adventure with my friends and settling down by ravens reach”

“Sliced group of players who though I’m an easy target”

“Beta Wars”

“Second to The Beta Wars, I really enjoyed filming the Tides of War and creating my Adventures in Mercia machinima; just wish I had more time to make follow-up episodes!”

What are your best screenshots that you took while playing The Black Death this year?

Here is a selection of screenshots of your best moments and memories of 2017 in The Black Death. This gallery include some that were sent in and some from our Community Hub on Steam.

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Community Creations!

HouserVT created a pilot episode named “Mercia Adventures Pilot/Proof-of-Concept”, we hope to see more episodes this year.

“Follow our hero as he lands in Mercia. Will we find out what his quest is? Will his adventures take him to the Black Gate, Reapers Rest, Duffus Castle Ruins… only time will tell!”

Seki Barker created a fan trailer called “The Civil War” with his community group, this was amazing and really felt like something for a film!

Check out all of his Black Death videos in one neat playlist below!

The Black Death Thailand Facebook Group

Alien Gamers Thailand Facebook Group


The Black Baron brought The Black Death with him to his photo shoot! Many thanks again for sending these our way and for featuring The Black Death too! He sent us four photos taken from a recent photo shoot, check out the gallery below.

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I do medieval re-enactment. Think I’ll do a photo shoot at a nearby castle in full armour, holding a “The Black Death” sign, for the community showcase. 🙂

I’ve only worn my linen and woollen clothes, a nasal helmet and gambeson hood in these (plus accessories). I also have a gambeson armour and a riveted chain coif and sabatons, but it was hot enough inside as is. I will wear the full armour outside when I have the time and the weather allows it. Many beautiful castles where I live!


HouserVT also created a Steam Guide, check it out below:

A big thank you to everyone in our community for being a part of The Black Death with us and for all your submitted screenshots, videos and photos, it means a lot to us all here at Small Impact Games. For those who wanted to be credited in this section here are their names:


Baron Pink

Johnny Tucan



Seasonal Wrap-Up

As some of you may have noticed there was no Advent Calendar daily posts, and the reason for that is because the plan I had for this years calendar was a bit too ambitious. There was a lot more work involved in this years idea and sadly it all ended up being a bit too much!

To summarise it was to be a giant Plague Doctor made from plastic bin bags, with a printed head/mask taken in game with real boots and gloves too (sounds awesome right!). He was to have 25 different small jute bags stuck to his robes with each one inked in red pen with their respective numbers. Each bag would have a Medieval themed item and small scroll with a “message from the King of Mercia” each day.

This calendar was to be called the “Plague Pockets” advent calendar and would tell a Medieval Plagued Christmas tale with part of the story being unveiled each day, along with trinkets in some! Perhaps next year for this advent calendar idea, this time with lots more planning, I already have some of the materials but it’s a bit early!

Alas this was not to be this year, but we did have the 12 Days Of Plaguemas which I hope you all enjoyed! Here is the full 2017 Edition if you missed it.

Day 1: A Kingdom deed and a bread roll
Day 2: Two night bandits
Day 3: Three thieving outlaws
Day 4: Four meat stews
Day 5: Five golden crowns
Day 6: Six doctors dissecting
Day 7: Seven smiths-a-swimming
Day 8: Eight cooks-a-cooking
Day 9: Nine rats rotting
Day 10: Ten Templars taunting
Day 11: Eleven guards guarding
Day 12: Twelve peasants punching

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Community Thanks

We would like to give everyone in our community the warmest thank you from everyone here at Small Impact Games. Launching into Early Access back in April (2016) with the vision and direction we had for The Black Death you have been our motivation and inspiration throughout. We cannot wait to show you what’s in store for the future of The Black Death and we hope you are there with us.

Thank you all for all the bug reports, emails, great discussions, suggestions, feedback, fan art, story entries, comments, posts, tweets, videos, blogs and more! It has been great to see the community grow even more, thank you all once again for your support. It’s been an incredible journey so far, we have had some great moments and memories this year and we can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring.

Happy New Year everyone and here’s to the future of The Black Death!

// The SIG Team


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