The Black Death

Tavern Tuesdays

Here you will find information, screenshots, videos and transcripts for our past Tavern Tuesday in game events!

What is Tavern Tuesdays?

We have introduced a new segment that we will be running every other week. This event is known as Tavern Tuesdays! Along side our Q&A section in our Dev Blogs we wanted to create an event that would take place in game where the Community could talk with the team on a more interactive level. What better place to host this event than in a tavern!

Follow the SIG team on their pub crawl through the taverns of Mercia as they pull up a chair and rest their weary bones with a nice cold pint as they answer your Q&A questions!

Tavern Tuesdays Second Event page

Tavern Tuesdays Third Event page

Here are a couple of screenshots of past events:

Check out our previous Tavern Tuesdays event videos over on our YouTube channel!