The Black Death

Tavern Tuesdays – Second Event

Welcome to the information page for the second Tavern Tuesdays event that was held on the 31st January 2017.

What is Tavern Tuesdays? Find out here over on our events information page here!

Below is the video that was recorded from the event, be sure to check out our other videos over on our YouTube channel. The Q&A starts at 20 minutes 30 seconds.

Here is the transcript from the event

SIG_JC: So shall we kick of the Q&A with some questions? Anyone got any questions?

SIG_JC: You guys can just type them in chat if you don’t have a mic

Cookies Need Love: I have got 10, I just need to open my list

SIG_JC: Cool, cool

Cookies Need Love: Should I ask away or type the questions for you to answer?

SIG_JC: Just ask away man, one at a time

Cookies Need Love: So first question. When the game is launched (full release) will there be purchasable transactions between people for real money. Will you be able to sell in game gold for real money? I hope it will not be permitted.

SIG_JC: Do you mean sell in game currency for real money like, in real life, as in people selling them on the Internet and EBay and things like that?

Cookies Need Love: Yeah

SIG_JC: I don’t know what’s in place to police that

SIG_Mac: I mean there would be no feature for that in the future, but obviously we can’t stop pirates. I don’t know how they would figure that one out but they would sell their own account for money. But other than that there is no plan for that at all.

SIG_JC: If you’d like to buy in game currency off me in Beta, just send me a DM (Direct Message).

SIG_JC: I was only joking

Cookies Need Love: Ok. Thanks for that. Shall I ask another one or wait for someone else to ask a question as someone else is typing in chat?

SIG_JC: Anyone else got any questions? SunRunner do you have any other questions you want to put in chat?

Cookies Need Love: Guess nobody is asking heh

SIG_JC: Yeah yeah, just shoot away

SunRunner: I was just wondering when the next patch is going to be, that’s all

SIG_Mac: We are aiming for the first week of March

Cookies Need Love: Can I ask about the chat issue? Will you be making the text size bigger? And will you make a system to scroll up and down so you can see the previous messages. When you are crafting or in the Inventory you can miss messages that you didn’t see. That’s not the original question I wanted to ask but I see the chat here and it made me remember.

SIG_JC: So James last week after doing this event realised that there is a few week spots in the game when it comes to sort of like, players interacting with each other. Like with text chat and the mic, it’s hard to tell who is talking and things like that. So I know he’s got it on his list of things to do and things to push. I’m sure chat is on there, but in terms of a solid plan I’m not sure when that’s going to get implemented.

Cookies Need Love: ok. My second question was this, so my original second question was about the Map. We talked about perhaps the Monk being able to make Maps. Can we get more details about the map because right now cities, villages and castles are all painted brown and it kinda hard to differentiate locations from roads and the colour of the rocks blends in with the paths and roads

SIG_Mac: So Pete’s actually half way through redoing the map to be more detailed and we are working on ways to possibly see where you are on the Map. That’s currently in the works.

Cookies Need Love: Well ok. That’s not necessarily the better option as I like how the map currently works. I think it currently needs more details like when you click on it as it’s really hard to figure out whether it’s a village or I don’t know a patch of land.

SIG_Mac: Yeah, the new map will have icons that will kind of give you a better idea of how large a place is, if that’s what you mean.

Cookies Need Love: Yeah ok. I have a question about buying back items, armours and weapons. I hope this will make it in the next patch or after the next one, because it happens lots of times. And I miss click some valuable stuff that I didn’t want to sell, and currently there is no way to buy it back. Is this something that is going to be made soon?

SIG_Mac: We’re working on some shop stuff so it changes the value but as for buy back I’m not quite sure how long it will stay in the shop for if we did do that. If it was immediate then it is ok. We’re not working on it, but that is definitely a good idea and I’ll make sure to write that down.

SunRunner: Hey you guys its SunRunner.


SunRunner: While we are waiting for the NPCs to go ahead and get some skills to fix weapons. Is it possible to disable the degrade the on weapons? We don’t have degrade on the armour. And currently the only class that can repair weapons is the Blacksmith. So anybody who’s not a Blacksmith has to drop their weapon to the ground and use a bug to do it. But there’s no guarantee that they’re going to get their weapon back. When they drop it to the ground. I’ve seen a lot of people lose their weapons and stuff.

SIG_JC: Yeah, that’s a really solid point. I didn’t realise that was an issue in the game right now.

SIG_Mac: I think it was mentioned last week but we are thinking of having an NPC that’s a blacksmith that can do those things for you. I don’t think it will ever be an ability that everyone can do but like you said an NPC would be nice. And obviously there’s that bug of not being able to drop stuff safely and transfer items safely into storage is a big priority as well. I think there has been on current Beta, big fixes towards dropping items, so it should be safer. So we will have a look at seeing the schedule about having an NPC Blacksmith that can fix stuff.

SunRunner: Yeah, but I think my point is, that people shouldn’t have to try and use a bug to you know fix and repair their items. And until there is a permanent fix, like an NPC being able to do it, I believe that the weapons degrading should be eliminated for right now.

SIG_Mac: Right ok. I’ll have to have a think about that one.

Cookies Need Love: Well if you do that then people will just get the finest weapons.

SunRunner: Well isn’t that the point of the game, to get the finest weapons?

SIG_JC: Yeah but without weapon degradation it makes things like PVP a bit overpowered, you know if you can get the best weapon in the game then it doesn’t deteriorate, then you know everyone can be running around with the best items. It’s a sort of balancing act with everything, and I think it’s a great idea, like I think it’s good that you brought it up and it definitely needs to be balanced. But it’s not quite as simple as just taking weapon degrading completely out. We need a sort of middle ground that would make it balanced. So you know that it’s not unfair that everyone’s not a Blacksmith but also at the same time not everyone’s running around with the best weapon in the game.

SunRunner: So me as a Blacksmith, if I got my hands on all the best weapons in the game, there’s nothing, I mean I can do whatever I want pretty much.

SIG_JC: Yeah but you are playing as one class which is the Blacksmith so that would be sort of your perk. So although you would be able to have like permanently the best weapons in the game because you’re a Blacksmith, you wouldn’t be able to have the Militia’s special Kick skill or steal like the Outlaw. You wouldn’t be able to beg like the Beggar. You know it’s a sort of perk of the class. It’s sort of designed and intended that way.

SunRunner: The other thing I wanted to bring up was the furniture. This bug with being able to click on furniture and being able to enter through a window or something like that, to be able  to go into somebody’s house. Have you guys thought about how to fix that?

SIG_JC: So we’re actually doing something to do with houses at the moment that involves furniture. So we don’t actually have sort of plans right now because potentially it could be taken out and swapped for another sort of mechanic that will hopefully solve that issue.

SunRunner: Ahh ok.

SIG_JC: I don’t know how much I can say.

SunRunner: Nope, that’s good

SIG_JC: I hopes that’s cleared that up for you… Yeah shoot man

Cookies Need Love: ok, I have a question about the fighting mechanics at the start of the game. Are you planning to make fists useable as a way to defend and attack people and NPCs?

SIG_JC: So we sort of thought of something like that because obviously it’s popular in other survival games but it’s a little bit more frustrating and it sort of makes sense for other survival games, but we are trying to push Role Playing a lot more. So we didn’t want this sort of like griefing community where players are going around punching everything. So we thought about ways around it maybe things like shoves or things like that, things that don’t have as much damage as a punch does in RUST but you still have the ability to attack in some way.

Cookies Need Love: Yeah I was thinking about just light damage so you can kill pigs and other animals for food or just as a last resort for when you are fighting and your weapon breaks and you can’t do anything to defend yourself.

SIG_JC: Yeah, so we thought it would maybe be a sort of gesture rather than something you would use to kill someone with. Because then like inevitably you will get people coming on the game like just griefing people by shoving them to death. So again it’s a bit of a balancing act.

SunRunner: Well how hard is it really to make a stick weapon to kill a pig though? I mean all you do is pick up a stick and make a club out of it.

SIG_JC: Well our stick club is one of the easiest most accessible weapons to make in game.

Cookies Need Love: It’s a little bit harder now since now on Beta the stick bushes have been removed and now you need a chance to get a stick from other resources such as berries.

SIG_Mac: Yeah so we have moved sticks into the foraging system so hopefully they will be as accessible as before but not through a bush resource. But that’s our fault, we are working on that at the moment.

Cookies Need Love: I have 4 more questions but I can wait if anyone wants to ask something.

SunRunner: The only thing I wanted to follow up on was what I had posted on Discord about the list for weapons damage. If you guys had talked about that?

SIG_JC: Was that something along the lines of like including the stats for damage of weapons in game so people are more aware?

SunRunner: Yeah

SIG_JC: Yeah so, part of the new update is showing more stats that are available to the player and I think currently if you equip a sword it will show you how much damage you are doing in the stats screen. So by equipping different weapons in game and checking the stats you will quickly learn which ones do the best damage.

Cookies Need Love: The stick club does 7 damage.

SIG_JC: I don’t know if we want to go as far as presenting it by throwing it in the Players face. Like to the extent of having like a list that lists like every single damage.

Cookies Need Love: Yeah I can do a list tonight but I somehow need to be able to open all of the classes on Beta because the class progress has changed, so it will be a bit harder, but I can do that and put them on the Wiki.

SIG_Mac: I’ll make a list of the weapons current damage values and put it on Discord, if you guys are just curious anyway, but the new system should hopefully make it much clearer.

Cookies Need Love: Yeah that would be nice.

SunRunner: On the Beta the way you start off, everyone’s going to be starting as a Beggar, is that the goal?

Cookies Need Love: It should be a tutorial class.

SIG_Mac: Yeah it should be a nice introduction, we’re going to give them more stuff to do, like they will have a taste of every class but at a very low level. And then he will be your kind of tutorial guy.

SunRunner: Yeah, there was 2 things that I decided that I really liked in the Beta. One of them was the Beggar, well two things. Actually there were 3 things. The second being the long grass out in front of the capital, I thought that was really cool and the change in the lighting was really good.

SIG_Mac: Thanks man!

Cookies Need Love: Yeah that was a really good update, especially on the grass! It looks more realistic now.

SIG_JC: I completely agree, I think the grass is best feature easily 10/10

SIG_Mac: Haha!

Cookies Need Love: Yeah but I still can’t forgive JC for putting a damn wall in front of Crutchley castle, haha!

SIG_JC: Yeah, there is a special present coming for Crutchley castle

SIG_Mac: Yeah it’s being redone

Cookies Need Love: Yeah I wanted to ask about it again, is it going to be opened or will you just be able to enter it currently like now where it’s just the front gate, like where the courtyard is?

SIG_JC: Yeah, you just wait and see man! It’s been completely redone. You will be able to explore a lot more and it’s sort of a different environment to explore. There will be new features there.

Cookies Need Love: I have a question while we are on the topic of castles. I read that you have made a new location in Ironhold, I played for 20 hours and I’ve visited all the locations and I’ve seen damn screenshots and for the love of god I can’t find it in game! Where is that damn location in game if you can tell me?

SIG_JC: Is it the town or village, because I think there are 2 new locations on the mountain.

Cookies Need Love: I think it is some sort of town, not the village underneath it. I think it’s some sort of town on a hill.

SIG_JC: Oh yeah that was Pete

Cookies Need Love: Yeah, in Frostfall

SIG_JC: I know where it looks like in Engine, but I’m not sure in game. Pete will be able to tell you in chat as he built it himself personally.

Cookies Need Love: ok he can tell me later hehe!

SIG_JC: So, anymore questions from anyone else?

Cookies Need Love: I’ve got a question about Audio

SIG_JC: Yeah yeah, shoot

Cookies Need Love: So why don’t you use some free sounds from, I use them in my own RPG Maker game. There could be lots of things you could use for free such as rivers and walking footsteps and such. Because right now the Beta is pretty empty without audio.

SIG_Mac: Yeah I think we had some really bad problems at launch with audio, so we have always been careful with it. But we will definitely have a look at that website and when we feel safe to put audio in we will get a lot more in. Thanks for that.

Cookies Need Love: I can send you the link on Discord. If nobody has a question I have one last question that I wrote down, hehe.

SIG_JC: Shoot man

Cookies Need Love: ok, bang bang! Haha!

SIG_JC: haha!

Cookies Need Love: Ok my question is about experience scaling, right now I noticed that you can start easily on the first skill point as a Beggar when you first start playing a new character. It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to get skill points after the first one. It somehow feels that you need the same amount of XP for each skill point and that it doesn’t scale up, you can get the later skill points very easily.

SIG_Mac: Are you saying that the second skill point isn’t harder than the first one?

Cookies Need Love: No, I mean that every skill point you need to get. I unlocked the Peasant in around 4 hours of playing, it seems too easy to get to the end of the skill trait lines. I feel that in my opinion it should take much longer than that, I feel that the scaling is very bad.

SIG_JC: I think perhaps it’s not too easy to get a skill point, but you said that you played for 4 hours and got all these skill points collected. I think it’s to do with dying. Like I think if dying was more prominent in the game then it would be harder to store those skill points.

Cookies Need Love: Yeah probably but we had that issue on Beta where looking at flowers made the game crash, I think that’s enough for dying stuff haha!

SIG_JC: Hehe, I don’t know I think we could go a little bit further

Cookies Need Love: Yeah it’s ok, I mean it’s not nice, it’s not a big problem but I feel that there are too few skills to spend your points in. Or it’s too easy to get to the end skills.

SIG_JC: Yeah I think like most things in the game we just need to do more fine tuning. But that just comes from more playing and stuff

SIG_Mac: I’ll have a play with it today and maybe will get it in an update on Beta this week with some new XP scaling, and see how that goes

Cookies Need Love: I wanted to do a follow up question

SIG_JC: Yeah shoot man, one more

Cookies Need Love: I can’t remember what It was but it was related to the XP scaling

SIG_JC: Yeah don’t worry about it man, you are pretty active on Discord, if you just want to message us on Discord with the question, then that’s cool

SIG_JC: Have you got a question SunRunner?

Cookies Need Love: Yeah, I’ve just remembered!

SIG_JC: haha yeah, just shoot

Cookies Need Love: Will there be new enemy NPCs, such as new bandits? Because right now there only 4 different types of bandits. The combat feels a little bit buggy as the NPCs keep hitting the empty space behind them.

SIG_Mac: Is this on Beta now?

Cookies Need Love: Yeah it is on the Beta at the moment

SIG_Mac: Yeah, it is one of the most important things that we try and work on so if that’s still happening in the next update, I’ll make sure that we get that bugged

Cookies Need Love: Yeah there is a big difference between V0.11 and V0.12, the game is much better, including combat too. It’s a lot better and much smoother. But somehow the AI will attack the same spot and when you move they will take a while to move and follow you to attack you.

SIG_Mac: Thanks for that, I will have to make a note and take a look

Cookies Need Love: Are there new armours and weapons in this new update?

SIG_Mac: For this update I’m going to try and make some new clothes for the Beggar. Just because it’s the first class you play. We have crowns that we are adding, helmets and hats too. As for body armour I’m not entirely sure, we’ll have to see how much time we have.

SunRunner: Have you guys got plans in the future for micro transactions for skins?

SIG_Mac: No but that would be pretty cool though haha!

Cookies Need Love: haha I had the same question earlier haha!

SIG_Mac: Is that something that you would want?

Cookies Need Love: I would personally would not, because it ruins the point of having a medieval RPG style game. Only perhaps some celebration event items like New Year stuff, or something like that. But honestly I don’t think it would fit inside this kind of game.

SIG_JC: Yeah I would have to agree there

SunRunner: Yeah, but as the Player base gets bigger there might be a demand for it. But right now everybody can kind of make the same armour so everyone looks alike, you know the same way. I understand its Early Access but perhaps in the future when the Player base gets bigger.

SIG_Mac: We do have one planned for unique one off use recipes. So for instance you could find a recipe book that you could find off an NPC or in a chest. Like a blueprint system. So for that unique looking armour would be cool.

Cookies Need Love: Yeah that sounds great. I did have a suggestion about that so that everyone doesn’t look the same. But perhaps adding a skill or two too the Merchant to be able to dye stuff like he currently has 4 different kinds. So you could create an item and choose the colour, like red and blue makes purple and stuff like that.

SIG_JC: Yeah so like Cam said I there are plans later on down the line to add customisation and more cosmetic things but like SunRunner said, but with the Player base at the moment and being in Early Access, you know there’s much bigger priorities like combat and such. It would be further down the line, it is on our too do list but it’s quite at the bottom.

*SIG_Mac dies from hunger in game on stage…*

Cookies Need Love: Holy CRAP, he scared me!

SIG_JC: I think he starved to death

Cookies Need Love: I told him I had something to eat haha!

SunRunner: Yeah everyone needs to check their hunger and thirst

Cookies Need Love: Yeah I have some food and water too if anyone wants to trade with me it’s one gold. If you have no gold I can drop them for you

SIG_JC: Yeah I’m dying of hunger but I don’t have any gold, this is a fresh character

Cookies Need Love: About the questions, can we keep asking or are we done?

SIG_JC: Yeah a few more will be fine don’t worry

Cookies Need Love: Yeah about environment art. I’ve been asking myself and I wrote that in the Champions Council bug sheet. How about adding some more stuff on the stalls? With the NPCs? Just to be a decoration to make them look less empty.

SIG_JC: So you may have noticed that on the Beta we did a recent pass where things are getting harder. It is harder to get food in the game, so I’ve been placing more items that you can steal on the Merchant stands.

SIG_JC: Like I don’t know if you have noticed that or now, but that’s probably the extend I’m going to go as I don’t want to place too many

SunRunner: I love stealable stuff!

Cookies Need Love: I noticed on the Queen’s Crossing Bridge on the stalls that there is a lot of environment art, but it is not intractable and you can’t steal it. A lot of the game is blue, grey, black and white it would look nice as it would bring a lot of contrast to the game.

SIG_JC: Are you saying that the markets need more contrast?

Cookies Need Love: Yeah a bit more contrast in the colouring like adding some apples on some stalls. Not to steal though, just to look like Merchants are selling them. It just feels like some of the stalls are a bit empty.

SIG_JC: Yeah I’ve placed some more AI in the market to make it feel livelier but yeah maybe I need to do something with the textures to make them pop a little bit more.

Cookies Need Love: Yeah just a few bits on the stalls, nothing too major. Just something to look at. Can I follow up on another question if nobody wants to ask?

SIG_JC: Yeah yeah sure man

Cookies Need Love: Can you remove the experience gained from stealing stuff? It’s kinda un-natural, perhaps it should only be something that can be done by the Outlaw. You get 5 XP points from stealing a single item, and you can just farm it easily by doing this.

SIG_JC: Yeah yeah I didn’t realise those items were doing that. It’s probably something we need to balance. I mean for the bandit class it sounds like something that make sense, but for other classes I see what you mean. Like stealing shouldn’t give you XP, so I’ll make a note of it and I’ll pass it on to James.

SunRunner: Yeah Outlaws need upgradeable crossbows. They can make one stick cross bow right? They should be able to make an upgradeable bows like Hunters do and how other classes have upgradeable weapons.

SIG_JC: Yeah I don’t know why they don’t, I’m sure I modelled them, maybe we didn’t implement them in time for the patch, but again I’ll make a note of it and see if we can squeeze that in.

SunRunner: Can we get better crossbows Pete? Right Pete? Pete!
Cookies Need Love: Yeah haha!

Cookies Need Love: Can you please add bounties when killing NPC merchants and other AIs.

SIG_JC: Yeah bounties is something we have been looking into, I think we’re going to do like a big sort of overhaul for it like balancing. Such as what actions give what bounty, and if they multiply over time. The way that you cash the heads in and stuff. So we will probably tweak that when we re do it.

Cookies Need Love: Yeah we talked about that last time, but I just wanted to let you know that there was an issue with no bounty being added when killing NPCs.

SIG_JC: Yeah I’m sure we have it noted down, and that it’s in, it just need some tweaking

Cookies Need Love: Whilst we are on the topic of NPCs. Can you somehow limit NPCs so they don’t enter houses as they keep getting stuck? They are really annoying when they enter your house, like I had 2 merchants in my house

SunRunner: Can’t you just kill them?

Cookies Need Love: Haha, I don’t think that’s fair for other players. I did have a chicken enter my house though, I was lucky as I got some free meat haha!

SIG_JC: hehe, I think after this patch there are plans to do some work on the AI, including the animal AI with hopes to make them more intelligent. So maybe one of those features would be to make them so they don’t randomly stroll into people’s houses

SIG_Mac: That’s actually quite a cheap and easy fix

Cookies Need Love: They also block your front door so you can’t get in your house too. That’s currently an issue on the Beta

SIG_Mac: hmm ok. That’s a good point. I guess being able to knock an AI out of the way, maybe being able to shove them out he way would be nice.

Cookies Need Love: How about adding an AI restriction so they don’t walk as close to front doors of houses

SIG_Mac: Yeah actually that would be a lot easier to do.

Cookies Need Love: Your welcome, haha!

SIG_Mac: yeah, one click solution right there

Cookies Need Love: Yeah just put something in front of the doors

SIG_Mac: Yeah, a navigation block would be quite easy

Cookies Need Love: I think that’s it for my questions. If I think of anymore before you go I’ll let you know haha!

SIG_Mac: ok cool man. Any other questions guys?

SIG_JC: I’ll I take that as a no

SunRunner: Yeah I’m great

SIG_JC: Yeah I guess we’ll wrap it up. Same time next Tuesday, maybe we’ll try and do next Tuesdays on the Beta? Because we talk about a lot of features going in, well a few of them are in the Beta. So it would probably be better for all of us, and I know the connection is better as well so it will be a bit less jittery. So yeah, same time next week, on the Beta, thanks everyone for coming. Cool beans!

SIG_Mac: Thanks guys!

Cookies Need Love: No problemo!

Cookies Need Love: Anyone need any weapons or armour? Say now and I can drop some for you before I leave

SIG_Mac: So I just fixed a problem that SunRunner was having where the sword was the wrong way on his back.

SunRunner: Go on drop a Flamberge right here, right now.. I know you can!

SunRunner: …no sword for SunRunner

SunRunner: As much as I’d love to stare at each other I gotta go!

Cookies Need Love: Bye everybody! I’m off to see you on Discord

SIG_Emily: *at the end of the stream had a message for Cookies thanking him for all the bug reports and also thanking everyone for their feedback and suggestions too. The audio from the mic was not recorded, so on the video playback there is a in game mic icon and no voice*