The Black Death

Tavern Tuesdays – Third Event

Welcome to the information page for the second Tavern Tuesdays event that was held on the 7th February 2017.

What is Tavern Tuesdays? Find out here over on our events information page here!

Below is the video that was recorded from the event, be sure to check out our other videos over on our YouTube channel. The Q&A starts at 12 minutes.

Here is the transcript from the event

SIG_Emily: Hello everyone! Can you hear me ok?

SIG_JC: Anyone on here who is not on the Discord chat?

SIG_JC: I think we’re all here

Spoderman: I think so

SIG_JC: Yeah so if we press V in game, there should be a speaker icon above your head, so we can use that to tell who is speaking in game. So if we want to take it in turns talking and asking questions, if you could still press V in game so we can see who is talking that would be great.

Holy: Your sound is really horrible JC I can’t really even begin to understand you, I don’t know if it’s only me or?

Spoderman: Yeah it is a bit quiet

SIG_Mac: Yeah, is my voice better? Should I answer the questions?

Holy: Yeah Cam that’s good!

SIG_JC: Yeah I’ll just be quiet

SIG_Mac: Yeah shut up JC haha!

SIG_Mac: So we’re just going to make sure that the audio is going to record for Emily and then we’ll get started

Holy: Cool!

SIG_Mac: At least the new soundtrack is working

SIG_Mac: oh, Emily died haha! There goes the camera lady

Spoderman: Haha!

Holy: So by the way guys, you are going to rebalance the hunger right?

SIG_Mac: Yeah, when you create your own server you will be able to set those values, at the moment the default values are quite aggressive.

Holy: That’s great.

Holy: Yeah I can’t hear you, try to plug your mic out and in to see if that helps

Holy: So you say when you are looking for hunger balance, you mean to make this harder or? Just right now I thought it was kinda easy.

Holy: I mean you have to eat like a lot right now, like all the time

SIG_Mac: Yeah it’s probably too fast

SIG_JC: What, so right now your saying that it’s too hard?

Spoderman: Yeah but, bear in mind guys that at the moment we are eating low quality food

SIG_Mac: Yeah there’s also that as well. You should play the game properly, haha!

Holy: Yeah that’s true haha!

Santiago The Templar: Yeah but seriously as a newbie, you just log in to the Beggar with no skills, it takes 15 minutes to die from hunger. I think that’s even too long, maybe that’s just me

SIG_JC: Yeah we are trying to make the game harder

Santiago The Templar: Yeah but you can stand there for 15 minutes and not die

Spoderman: Yeah but it would be the same if you stood there for like 5 days, and you didn’t die

SIG_JC: Yeah, maybe we should make starvation in relation to the day and night cycle

SIG_Mac: Yeah once we get a good time period for a day and night, they we can start using that as a basis for it.

Santiago The Templar: Yeah what’s happened to the night?

SIG_Mac: Yeah I don’t know what’s going on, I haven’t seen the night for like 3 days, what’s going on!

Spoderman, Santiago The Templar: Haha!

SIG_Mac: Yeah it’s Beta, things can break all the time! We haven’t changed it but sometimes it seems like it can take forever to change. Cause the first build last week it was fine and then now it suddenly takes 20 hours to change.

Cookies: Can anyone hear me?

Santiago The Templar: Yeah we hear you man!

Cookies: Ok, I can also hear you now too

SIG_Mac: Emily are you recording?

SIG_Mac: Yeah, I can’t hear what you are saying

Holy: Yeah your mic sucks Emily, heh heh

SIG_Mac: Do you want to message me on Steam when you’re good to go?

SIG_JC: You can go on Discord if that’s easier

SIG_JC: Is my microphone still broken for everyone or?

SIG_Mac: It’s really quiet

Holy: It’s much better

SIG_JC: I’m holding the microphone to my mouth now so it should be better

Holy: Are you using your hand to hold the microphone JC?

SIG_Mac: haha!

SIG_JC: Yeah I am, is that bad, should I not be using my hand? Ahh this is the microphone, then what’s this?

SIG_Mac: That’s the volume control

SIG_JC: Haha! Why am I holding that to my mouth now!

SIG_Mac: Ahh, embarrassing!

Cookies: And we are relying on him to make us a game!

SIG_Mac: Haha!

SIG_JC: I just place the rocks

SIG_Mac: You’re technically relying on me but it’s my fault for not telling him that earlier

SIG_JC: Yeah where is my Producer to tell me how to use these headphones

SIG_Mac: ok cool, so we can get started now. Apparently we are all ready to go

SIG_JC: Little clap emoji from everyone!

SIG_JC: Here we go then guys

SIG_Mac: Hey guys, so first question?

Cookies: Hehe, so when will you fix the voice on Beta?

SIG_Mac: When will we fix voice? So I don’t even know if you can see what’s meant to be happening. So let me try it ahh yeah!

SIG_JC: Yeah I can see it on some people

SIG_Mac: So your meant to have a little mic icon above your head, it’s very small actually I can only just see it. But somehow that has broken it haha what the f**k! But hopefully the next Beta, by the end of the week that will be back on. Sorry about that

SIG_JC: At least next time we will be able to see who’s talking at the next event

SIG_Mac: See who’s not talking haha! Yeah, sorry about that anyway

Holy: So guys I have a question, when are we going to see the Guilds system in game? Like guilds, like properly?

SIG_Mac: So, we are looking at re doing the house system which we have just started actually, and that’s to incorporate all of the new ownership stuff, like being able to share a house and then hopefully you’ll be able to share a guild. So we want to get the house stuff done first, and then that will give the guild kind of like an end game. Like having a large house, a manor, a castle and they can all own that together. A problem at the moment is that you can group up but you can’t really do anything together, you would just be hanging around. So we’re trying to give the features like being able to share a door and that kind of stuff. Once we’ve done that that will be addressed.

Holy: That’s cool

SIG_Mac: It will be similar to like RUSTs, kind of key door system, but you share it with your friends, and hopefully something more Medieval.

*Someone dies in the seating area*

Spoderman: ooh bloody hell!

Spoderman: Are you thinking of having an actual physical key that you can carry around with you or more like a digital thing?

SIG_Mac: It will be more of like a digital thing. Almost like a password that you can assign to a door that you share with your friends, and they become part of the same group.

Holy: Did you think of having that as a physical key were if you get killed someone could pick up the key and get in the house?

SIG_Mac: So yeah, the only reason we are trying to like avoid having ownership with items is because it’s a very buggy process apparently. Like if you put a stamp on that key that is unique to that door, it can lose its identity very quickly, that kind of stuff so that’s the reason we’re not going to go that way. But I’d love to have a key, I think that would be pretty cool.

Cookies: Why don’t you use the description that I used on my castle event? The capture-able one that I suggested a few months ago? For the guild building

SIG_Mac: Do you mean like taking over a place?

Cookies: Yeah but I mean but the keys you were talking about, you could just have like one main guy like a guild leader who has access to the main access panel. So he can write a name or an ID of the Players that he wants to give access to, so only they could get access to the guild building.

SIG_Mac: So yeah, it would be very similar to that. It will be a bench, like how the Skyrim house system works. So when you access it, it will belong to the guild. If that was exposed to the enemy we are trying to figure out a way that they could almost take over that. That will be where the building permission stuff will go, like where you actually build stuff. That will obviously be behind a door where you can access it to build stuff. If that makes any sense. So if that’s exposed then your guilds at risk. So I hope that answers your question, so yeah it will be a bench system. A drafting table they call it

Spoderman: How many soundtracks have you put in the game? Like I can hear a new one right now but I haven’t explored the map so I don’t know how many there are

SIG_Mac: I think there’s 2 or 3 maybe? We’ll go for more if it’s stable

SIG_JC: The idea was having them tied to regions, so every region would feel slightly different

*SIG_JC dies on stage*

SIG_Mac: oh no! Was that you John?

SIG_JC: Yeah it was

SIG_Mac: That’s ok then haha!

SIG_JC: That’s it guys I’m out, I’m dead, I’m going home haha, that wraps up todays Tavern Tuesdays

Santiago The Templar: Guys I have another question, about the Inventory book, is it going to be fixed in the next update?

SIG_Mac: Yeah, so its’s a new system, so hopefully that won’t even occur. So before we were saving items, which was limited to a certain amount of memory, so now it can handle a lot more, more than you are able to carry. So that will be a fix when the game goes live.

Santiago The Templar: Ok, cool that’s good.

Cookies: Can I ask a question?

SIG_Mac: Yeah shoot

Cookies: Can you tell the people who don’t know too much about the new housing update system. So they know about it?

SIG_Mac: Yeah, as soon as we’ve got it stable in the Beta we will start pushing out screenshots, and descriptions on how it all works. So yeah, everyone’s used to the deed system and how that works. We’ll have to be very careful and hopefully we’ll get Emily and Pete to get some sort of documentation out.

Holy: Anything you can spill about that?

SIG_Mac: Spill about the new housing system?

Holy: Yeah!

SIG_JC: It’s gonna be amazing, I can tell you that!

Cookies: Yeah, I want a new house!

SIG_Mac: Yeah, hopefully it will address the issues where if you build something it stays permanent, that’s the biggest thing. It’s going to address issues like, you know your house is safe, in terms of like, you can’t glitch through windows. But there’s other things that can put your house in danger, but I won’t talk about that quite just yet. So what I’m saying is that your house won’t be in danger because of bugs is what I’m saying. Another thing is cosmetically it’s going to have a large range between houses, because at the moment, they are just like wood interiors and that kind of stuff. The house customisation stuff is hopefully going to have a huge impact in terms of having a nice house and a bad one.

Holy: So are you talking about changing the models there or?

SIG_Mac: Yeah so, it will physically change the appearance of the interiors and stuff like that so, that’s the idea

Cookies: There goes my work about the deeds haha!

Holy: sounds cool!

Holy: I was just going to ask, is there anything you can share Cam about, how the attrition, or churn of the housing users will work, so that ghost users won’t own all of the houses or?

SIG_Mac: ok, so, I don’t know if I want to talk about it yet or not because I suppose it’s kind of controversial but… So there are two systems we are thinking about, obviously a rent one, so if the money is not recuperated for the rent of the house, the kind of ownership is lost. In terms of ownerships, I mean the door is gone and the other one is, if you don’t defend your house it will be open to being taken over. So if someone is away from the server for a week, it’s at a high risk of being lost. Just a sort of system like that rather than you owning it permeantly. You will own it permeantly if people leave it alone though. If you know what I mean. But if you have the aggressive players out there that are looking to smash into your house, then you’re going to have some problems.

Cookies: I have a question about housing too

SIG_Mac: Yes

Cookies: Will you be editing it so that when players buy a house they can still access it through the windows, or only those who possess the deed to the house can access through the windows?

SIG_Mac: So It will be through this new lock system where you have ownership over the lock through some sort of password, the windows will be in that same system hopefully. But the biggest thing is to get rid of that bug as well, like getting through windows and stuff.

Holy: I have 2 questions for Cam. Are we going to see horses and a new expansion of the map this year?

SIG_Mac: Horses is actually a funny one as we did really want it, but then we realised that with the map you can traverse it quite quickly anyway. So if we were going to have horses, we would make the map bigger. That wouldn’t be this current update that’s coming though. That would be something we would have to seriously talk about.

Holy: But is that going to be in this year?

SIG_Mac: What is it 2017? Anything is possible man haha!

Holy: ok then haha!

Cookies: Hopefully soon!

SIG_Mac: Yeah, like I said it would have to come after making the map bigger I think. That would be the sensible thing to do.

Cookies: Yeah currently the map is only 15 to 20 minutes long, you can easily run from one side to the other.

SIG_Mac: Yeah horses would be like an unnesercary feature on both ends. Like it would be quite hard for us to make and then people would have to look after the horse and get across the map in 2 minutes, it would almost be pointless. So we would have to make the map bigger first.

Cookies: Can I ask something or should we wait?

SIG_Mac: Go Cookies, what is it?

Cookies: About the new events that are occurring that we talked about in the Champions Council. What different kind of events will there be? I couldn’t read all of the conversation as there was a lot going on.

SIG_Mac: Ok, so there’s 2 different types of events now. Both with their own logic so there’s events that are randomly spawned across the map and there are others that occur day and night. The night ones are going to be quite dangerous almost in a Minecraft kind of manner, where you go out and get more creepers and that kind of stuff. So those events would be like wolves, and we’ve got some new bandits coming too, they are these night bandits, they’re like these cult guys that run around with torches and light themselves up, so that should be quite cool. The day stuff will be a little bit less aggressive, kinda like the stuff we already have like traveling merchants. The idea for the new events is that there not fixed on any location, so they will happen anywhere now.

Cookies: Yeah I noticed that there are always new events around Raven’s Reach.

SIG_Mac: Yeah so stuff will change at night time, so that’s the new main feature, so it will get more dangerous and scarier.

Cookies: Did you get my CC bug on the sheet about when you jump on the ropes, if you fall it can cause you to die on an event that spawns?

SIG_Mac: You die from ropes?

Cookies: Yeah the orange tent that spawns in front of Raven’s Reach. I got tangled in the ropes and when I jumped I was hovering, and when I jumped again I died.

SIG_Mac: Ahh ok. That’s a falling damage bug. It thought you were falling for ages. That’s more of a collision thing I would say.

SIG_Mac: Oh! Someone else just died

Spoderman: Emily haha!

Holy: She does that a lot haha

SIG_Mac: Yeah we will look into that, the falling damage stuff

Cookies: When she died I got reminded of something. I see that currently you can only get 100 bounty, is this intended or is this temporary?

SIG_Mac: Yeah, so the 100 bounty is because, well I wouldn’t say it’s a bug, but you can literally farm gold from bounty.

Cookies: Is this to stop griefing too?

SIG_Mac: Yeah it’s about that too, while we think of another system. Yeah we are not going to get rid of bounty but we’re going to think of a smarter way to stop that.

Cookies: Yeah it is good enough for now but I hope it will get eventually upgraded

SIG_Mac: Yeah when the guards are fixed and stuff and they start beating you for stealing more, and the fact that the Outlaw class unlocks later on, hopefully it will fix those loopholes.

Santiago The Templar: Ok guys I have another question. At the beginning of the games release there was an NPC with plague that looked kind of zombie like that looked great, when are we going to see them in game again?

SIG_Mac: Yeah so there the guys that are going to be coming out at night hopefully. We are going to have more of them around the towns and stuff. Yeah those really havily plagued guys you talking about?

Santiago The Templar: Yeah, yeah

SIG_Mac: Yeah there will be more of them around random events

Santiago The Templar: Yeah that’s great

SIG_Mac: Yeah thanks for the compliment that you like the look of them, I worked hard on them haha!

Holy: Cam, you said earlier that the housing system being redone will then support more guild systems and stuff. Is there anything else that you can share in terms of social interactions between players in game?

SIG_Mac: So yeah, it’s obviously something that is becoming more obvious as we are doing these events, for instance the mic, if that wasn’t broken that would be nice. We’re also looking at the trading, it’s really early discussions, I’m really not sure how it’s going to work but, the Merchant’s skill almost feels like it’s something that should be universal? And then the Merchant gets something else cool on top of that. So yeah something like trading safely for players as they are currently using barrels for trading, which is a bit silly. So we were looking at something like that, some sort of trade system. Other than that, some sort of grouping system would be nice. Like you wouldn’t have to rely on a guild, so you could temporarily work together. I love the idea of sharing xp, I think it works really well in ARK and stuff. So maybe something like that would be nice as well.

Cookies: Could I ask you something about the

Holy: Sorry Cookies, just while we are on the topic of the socials, if you don’t mind Cookies before we branch onto something else

Cookies: No go ahead, it’s ok

Holy: There were a few things that were suggested a while ago in terms of socials, mainly to have a job board so that people could post that they have like, 10 cooked meat or what not and they could fulfil those orders. Then the next time you come down to the jobs board you see that someone has fulfilled your order, here is the money I’m going to give them. As well as some other stuff for the Merchant, I suggested that maybe the Merchant could go offline behind a stall and maybe be selling their stuff that way, in order to circumvent the fact that the population is not as high as we would like in game. Those interactions cannot really happen in game as it stands.

SIG_Mac: Yeah I think if a place able shop could store you stuff while you were offline and it could re coop the money that you earned while you were offline that would be quite nice. We talked about this a while back actually. I think once we figure out what’s going to happen with the trading. Maybe that will be the new skill maybe that will be it, being able to place a shop that will trade while you are away.

Cookies: Yeah I wanted to ask about that trading stuff. I suggested a while ago I think on the forums. About how trading is done on silk road online, everyone could place a stall where they would like and have their items to sell and go offline or go AFK (away from keyboard) from that place, and let people buy things from you at a set price that you want. That would be nice to have that kind of trading system.

SIG_Mac: Yeah I think it would be very similar to that. Yeah like a shop you can place down, like an Inventory, you buy stuff from it and the gold stays there, it can’t be stolen from, you would receive it when you logged back in.

Cookies: You know you could just use the current Merchant skill and add it to a bench or something that we could craft.

*Cookies suddenly dies on the bench*

Cookies: Holy crap! That scared me

SIG_Mac: Yeah I think if it acted like the Merchant skill that would be very cool. A little bit of customisation would be very cool to be fair if we got that one out. If you could make stalls a bit different

Cookies: Yeah I think I mentioned it to Pete, to add some environment art stuff to the stalls that you can’t steal just to decorate it

SIG_Mac: Yeah maybe like different scenes for them. So maybe a weapon version, and it maybe has a set look about it

Santiago The Templar: Hey guys, what about NPCs fixing our gear? Like a Blacksmith NPC?

SIG_Mac: Yeah we talked about this last week, we’re going to try and push for NPCs echoing the skills of players. So you know having NPC Beggars being able to beg from you or for instance having a Blacksmith that can repair your gear. It’s something that’s going to develop, I’m not sure it will be in this build though. It’s definitely on the list of things to do. So yeah having NPCs echo players, you know in case the server is a bit quiet, so there are classes still.

Cookies: Anyone want to ask before me?

Spoderman: Yeah I was looking at Emily, and for the female Beggar model, it’s missing a few knockers should we say, haha!

SIG_Mac: What are you talking about, she’s got breasts, just small ones haha!

Cookies: There is a famine, dude they should not be so big haha!

SIG_Mac: Have you seen breasts when you have zero fat and body muscles, haha! They look like that

Spoderman: haha, I suppose!

Cookies: I like things to get wobbly haha

SIG_Mac: You know, we’ve been talking about you know to make it feel like you have a bigger push and drive to make clothes other than armour, maybe we should start the player with less clothes, and maybe that means having a more obvious gender to them but yeah it’s kind of a big job.

Spoderman: I think clothes need more of a purpose in the game, like they don’t really do anything in the game

SIG_Mac: So if you check in your Inventory you can see your armour values and stuff, which negates a percentage of damage, but for the beginning clothes it’s quite low. We’ll hopefully get some cold systems in and that will help with that as well, yeah if you see the armour. Are you in game here… Ahh you’re not wearing any clothes.

Cookies: Will you be fixing that helms don’t give any armour, or are they for decoration?

SIG_Mac: Ahh, that’s a bug, yeah that should get fixed. Hopefully that’s in jira, I’ll make sure it is

Cookies: Ahh no it isn’t I looked it up heh

Cookies: Did you still consider my weights suggestion list I wrote a few months back, seen as I wrote earlier in Discord that the system is broken at the moment, as a stick is weighing 2 units, such as water is a heavier unit amount that a twig.

SIG_Mac: What weight is heavier, a kilogram of feathers or a kilogram of steel?

Cookies: same haha! But you can’t compare a stick and a flask of water. A stick is around 100 – 200 grams and a flask is about an estimate of half a kilogram.

SIG_Mac: How do you know it’s a flask? What about a wells contents?

SIG_Mac: heh heh, just kidding. I know the weights are a bit funny. We have an excel sheet that’s available to the public for balancing, I think I sent it out last week. If you’ve got any suggestions for the weights just put them in there, I’ll evaluate them and then change them

Cookies: Ahh, so I can edit it

SIG_Mac: Maybe not yet, but I’ll make sure you can edit it

Cookies: Ahh, I can write on it, I remember now I did a few weeks back when SunRunner asked about it

SIG_Mac: Yeah we’ll get that stuff going again

Holy: Just one thing to note though Cookies, like we can’t have the numbers as Integers right now, unless that’s changed Cam?

SIG_Mac: Yeah they need to be rounded

Holy: The thing is also what I’m thinking, is maybe your stick is a bit lighter than a small pouch of water, but the stick takes more place, like is more cumbersome to carry around

SIG_Mac: At the moment it’s kind of based on how useful an item is. We haven’t really said its weight or space, it’s sort of in-between. Maybe that’s more the problem as we haven’t really made it very clear that it’s either or

Cookies: I just wanted to make sure as at the moment one cotton is taking the same weight as when you combine 2 cotton swabs which makes 3 swabs which creates 3 weight. So at the moment it doesn’t make much sense to me

SIG_Mac: Yeah 2 turns to 3

Cookies: Yeah that’s why I’ve been asking as they haven’t been making too much sense right now

SIG_Mac: If it’s a recipe and its coming out as more weight than that makes no sense, it would be less weight if anything. As cotton swabs mean more than cotton

Cookies: Yeah you are combining items that you don’t need and are getting rid of other ingredients which means its weighing less

SIG_Mac: No that’s a fair point, just needs a bit of balancing. If you want to put that in the sheet go for it, and we’ll have a look

Cookies: Yeah after the event I’ll be adding in some of my own personal weights and such

Holy: I just gave you access Cookies to the sheet, and if you have more details you want to put it, you can right click on the cell and insert comment and then just explain more stuff there

SIG_Mac: And make sure it’s in the suggestions field

Cookies: Yeah I saw that there was around 5 or 6 fields

SIG_Mac:, ok, thank you

Cookies: I am done asking my questions now if anyone wants to ask now haha

Spoderman: I was going to say in relation to the clothes, have you thought about making the clothes so they give bonuses to professions when crafting?

SIG_Mac: So yeah we definitely have thought about this. So the Blacksmith apron at the moment is almost pointless other than showing that you are a blacksmith. So it would be nice if you had some sort of crafting bonus

Spoderman: It would kind of be like in Life Is Feudal, you know?

SIG_Mac: Yeah, we’ve started to show more stats with items. The Inventory is getting a bit of a re jig. So instead of the big icons, there will be a big breakdown of everything. Like how much damage it does, how much hunger it will give you. Once we’ve got that we will start adding more stats that things give you so for instance clothes and things like that. So you know that it actually affects you

Spoderman: That’s cool

SIG_Mac: Any other questions?

Santiago The Templar: So the Champions Council? Like can we enter or has it been closed and no more members can enter or?

*SIG_JC kills SIG_Mac and makes a quick exit past the church*

SIG_Mac: So… Aww someone just killed me!… Oh John!… Sorry about that!

Cookies: That was mean!

SIG_Mac: Yeah you can apply for the Champions Council I believe, so if you want to talk to Emily about that, that’s great

Holy: I know at some point we had discussed maybe like an ongoing evaluation of people interested in being in the council or not. I don’t think that Emily got to the point of making that into a thing

SIG_Mac: Yeah we don’t have like terms and conditions quite yet, I think we haven’t opened the flood gates either. If you’re really interested man, yeah just let us know

Cookies: Yeah I have another question, but I’ll wait until you get back in game

SIG_Mac: Yeah that’s cool. John are you still trying to kill people?

SIG_JC: Nope…

Cookies: Yeah he is stabbing me here, I am bleeding!

SIG_Mac: ahhh, you’ve got blood coming right out of your groin

Cookies: So can I ask a question or?

SIG_Mac: yeah go ahead

Cookies: Yeah about the events, can I ask if my suggestion has been seen. It was for an even idea in game perhaps like a fight to the death, like a Colosseum, where the winner is crowned as the Champion and gets items like the best sword in the game, maybe gold and such

SIG_Mac: So, that sounds like if it was going to be in the game it would be arranged by the guilds like if they had a castle with an arena inside it you could invite people to that. In terms of having like an actual mechanic, that sounds quite like a quest, if we were going to have something like that, like a closed gate that would randomly open and there would be like bandits inside

Cookies: I will have a check on my detailed post about how it would work. When the event is on you can enter it, and take part, but if the event was finished though you could still enter the area but there would be no prizes

Holy: I don’t know for me that’s not something I think should be done anytime soon. I think it’s something more that players should do and be organising once they have the tools to do it

Cookies: But this way we can start to have an end goal soon, because people are like animals they want everything to be the best for themselves. This way it would get more people to play if there were custom options available in game

SIG_Mac: I think adding/giving more tools to the guilds would be nice. At the same time, I think it would be nice if we had events that randomly spawn something that would be an equivalent, like a random chance of finding a tournament or something where there are AI running around in. I can’t say that it’s going to be super polished. Like a guy at the front that takes in all of the fees and such, it’s not going to be like that though it will be more like kind of procedural let’s say.

SIG_Mac: Iakku, you just had a message I think I just caught it from the chat. Will there be any plans for PVP elements in the game, like huge bandit villages and camps that you can raid with your friends. Yeah, so some of the events, we are also planning on doing NPC owned houses, NPC owned camps and castles too, and hopefully they will have doors that you can break down. They will take quite a squad of people to do it

Cookies: Like an instance?

SIG_Mac: Yeah, a little bit like that. That sort of stuff is easier to do where you are just spawning AI in and you can just do what you want with them. So yeah there will be a feature like that, which we are planning on doing. Hopefully that answered your question

SIG_JC: Yeah, is that a wrap?

SIG_Mac: Yeah any other questions guys? I think Emily is running out of hard drive space

Cookies: How are you running out of hard drive space heh heh

SIG_Mac: It’s been an hour-long video so far I think

Cookies: haha, I didn’t notice that it passed by so fast

SIG_Mac: It’s alright

Cookies: I wanted to ask something. When will the forage function get fixed seen as we can’t use it right now to make a torch and find kindling

SIG_Mac: Yeah, it will be in the next Beta. So at the end of the week

Cookies: Ok cool, because I wanted to test it out and the night is very dark and I can’t just stand waiting for it to change to day again

SIG_Mac: Yeah and the caves are very dark too. Yeah so there will be these forage piles that will be going in the game and they will be forage-able hopefully in a couple of days

Cookies: Like spawning a fire or?
SIG_Mac: So yeah they will spawn kindling, sticks and stones

Spoderman: So do you guys plan on making like a tutorial for newbies to the game?

Cookies: That’s what I wanted to ask too!

SIG_Mac: So the note is kind of the start of that, hopefully it will be a multi page FAQ, and we’re going to try and avoid having like intrusive notifications in the game. Hopefully that will be tied into the hand icons, like if you want to show them or not, and all that kind of stuff

Spoderman: Yeah, like I think you said like a good journal system would be cool, with a lot of pages

SIG_Mac: Yeah like a meaty thing, It may look like the game is empty but trust me there is like a lot of items, a lot of stuff to do, things to craft, you know like once you’ve unlocked another class, all of that kind of stuff

Cookies: Can I ask something?

SIG_Mac: Go on Cookies you can give us the last question

Cookies: Always the last, right? Hehe. I have a question suggestion actually. Since when we press the Esc key we have this nice note, and you made some nice things when you go into the Inventory. Why don’t you make some notes/logs such as what was the longest time that you were alive?, What the largest amount of gold you had was?, How many people you killed, and stuff like that.

SIG_Mac: oh, so when you die, yeah?

Cookies: oh no, so when you press Esc like now

Spoderman: So basically statistics about yourself, is what I think Cookies is saying. So like how many people you have killed, how many days have you survived and stuff like that

Cookies: Yeah, and people would probably want to brag about it in their guild and such, like titles on Discord

SIG_Mac: Yeah I think it would go really well with titles, and the days survived stuff, so yeah that’s a great idea. We’ll have a think about that one. It’s quite an easy one to track as well

Cookies: Whilst I remember while we are talking about days survived. Did you notice that when you log back into the game your days survived resets when you log back into the game?

SIG_Mac: The what sorry?

Cookies: The days survived, they reset after you log back in

SIG_Mac: I think it’s  that and the day/night cycle is not changing, so I don’t think you actually know what a day is haha

Cookies: Yeah I’m currently alive for 5 days

SIG_Mac: Yeah I’m six days. I think those 2 bugs are related, the time of the server and the time of the client. Yeah, that’s a priority as the day/night is not changing so yeah that will need fixing

Cookies: I have another question I just remembered! We talked about this last week, to prevent NPCs from entering houses, did you work on anything with that? I gave you the idea of placing a movement restriction in front of the doors

SIG_Mac: Yeah that is something that will get addressed in the new housing update system. We will make sure that there are navigation blockers for AI, so they don’t appear in your house. It’s very easy, really simple. Yeah we will make sure that will be part of the feature

SIG_Mac: I just caught that Novellation just said something in chat. Novellation, in terms of gold and bandits, it should be randomised getting loot from them. If it is 3 gold every time then they are crap bandits. With some bandits especially the new bandits, they give out closer to 60 to 90 gold, but they are hard to fight.

Cookies: Most of the time I get 20 gold from bandits, that’s random I think

SIG_Mac: Yeah, that’s just bad luck unfortunately. I wouldn’t go to Vegas haha

Cookies: haha, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

SIG_Mac: Yeah , we will wrap it up there guys, but thanks for coming, oh god JC you look disgusting!

Cookies: Is he going on a rampage again? haha!

Holy: Make Mercia great again

SIG_Mac: Make Mercia great again, haha

Cookies: I swear he is getting some mad cow disease

SIG_Mac: Thanks for sticking with the buggy Beta guys, thanks for sticking with us, builds are getting more regular with us as you can probably tell. We’re going to keep getting these big bugs fixed hopefully. Thanks for coming, and we will see you again next week hopefully if there is a new build out then we will have something to talk about. If not we will see if we can delay it. Thanks for coming guys and hopefully we will get this recorded and up on the Internet.

Holy: Thanks for giving us a hand

SIG_Mac: Yeah no problem

Cookies: The people who are new, I suggest staying online for a bit and testing the Beta

SIG_Mac: Do some work haha! Yeah I’ll see you guys later, probably going to fill Kap in on what he has missed and I’ll see you guys later on Discord

Cookies: I’m off to do some suggestions on the list about some issues

SIG_Mac: Cool

Cookies: That’s it for me tonight! Goodbye everybody

SIG_Mac: See you guys