The Black Death

Stories Of Mercia

Stories Of Mercia

Do you have any interesting stories of your adventures in the land of Mercia? Want to have your tales read by fellow adventurers?

Write a short story and have it picked out to be made in game as a book!

The best stories will be chosen by the Small Impact Games team and created in game as lootable and readable books!

Details and terms of entry can be found over on our Steam Forums here.

This feature is currently in Development so there is no set closing date for your entries!

Send your entries by email to:

We look forward to reading your entries!

Happy writing!


Below are the entries that have been added into the world of Mercia so far.

Version V0.11 – Providence

Zsolt Fekete The Heretic Part I

The player written book for this update comes in the form of “The Heretic Part I” written from the pen of Syrnevar Blackheart, Lord of the Blackmist Marsh.

Version V0.10

William Emmett – The Legend Of The Wolf At Hangman’s Hollow

Adding to the lore of Hangman’s Hollow this was an amazing read! One of our favourite locations, it is a treacherous and unforgiving place. We get the chills every time we venture through here. The level of detail in this story together with the events that take place and the harsh climate make this a fantastic read! Be sure to look out for this one in game!

V0.09 – Knights And Outlaws

Dejan Markovic – The Battle Of Strumble Pass

The whole team enjoyed the story and felt like it was rooted in the world, look out for this book in game!