The Black Death

Patch Notes: V0.17 – Relics

Welcome adventurers to update V0.17 – Relics! We’ve got a new Catacombs pillage area named Reapers Rest by our Community, Improved “notes from a friend” & more!

Version 0.17 also brings optimisation fixes which should result in a massive increase to server CPU stability as well as experimental custom server setting to allow players to tweak their play experience on their own servers. This update also reveals a first look at a major rework to combat and animation systems within the game.

This one’s a big one! Relic items, Combat system progress, animations refactor progress, gore system, multiple pillage areas, a new weapon and custom server settings! Let’s get into it…


Relic items have been uncovered in the world of Mercia…

These all new, one-of-a-kind items are the finest, most exotic equipment available in The Black Death. But when we say one-of-a-kind, we mean it – There will only be one of these relics available on each server. When you’re close to an item, it’ll show up on your compass – Even if someone else is carrying it…


We’ve began work on once again overhauling the combat system. It’s a crucial part of the game and has always been an area we wanted to continue to work on.

This update we’ve began to tackle this, it’s a big job and something we will be continuing to work on.

So what have we changed? Swings are now more accurate, hitting different parts of the body will effect damage, and queuing your attacks will have you crushing your enemies quicker than ever before.

Get in, give it a go and let us know what you think!

Major combat rework started:
  • New swinging and combo mechanic
  • Can now aim your swings more easily
  • Can now jump and crouch in combat
  • Head hits cause critical damage if you are not wearing a helmet
  • Physics based hit reactions
  • Gore system
  • Early rework pass on bows
  • UI warning if you are out of ammo for bow
  • Structure Damage type added (which is more effective against doors)
  • New weapon the “Maul” can be bought at weapons traders (good for door breaching)
  • If you attack a door you will now do a door specific attack, making it easier to hit
  • You can now swing even when you are exhausted, but the swings are slower
    When exhausted a out of breath sound plays and a icon appears above the crosshair

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When unsheathing your weapon to enter combat mode the camera now zooms in and creates a depth-of-field effect for a more focused combat feel.

Here’s a short clip of our new combat system in action as well as a look into the maze like catacombs!


Animation and combat go hand in hand, both systems work together. It made sense for us to tackle updating our animation system at the same time.

This has been a gruelling task with each animation being full re-created (see the video below!) but we’ve made good progress. However, as with combat, this is still on partially implemented. Some animations are missing and some require polish – over the next few updates we’ll be continuing with this so expect to see things looking better and better.

Major animation rework started:
  • 19 new, character bow animations
  • 46 new single handed weapon animations
  • 40 new general movement and character action animations


The Black Death just got a lot gorier. Let the blood flow and the limbs fly, as you can now slice off arms, chop off hands, tear people in half – and take off their heads!

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Here’s a clip of our new gore system and slicing tech in action!


Our latest pillage area is now fully open. Delve into the depths of Reaper’s Rest, and see what lies beneath for yourselves…


The historic home of House Duffus, the castle fell into ruin long ago. Now home to bandits and thugs, players can now venture into these historic halls and uncover what secrets they hold…


Under the city, the crypts fester with plague… Bodies are stacked wall to wall in this underground warehouse of the dead. What lurks in the forgotten depths of this ancient place?

Note on the new and updated Pillage areas: These are big area so some of the areas lack set dressing, but this will be making its way in during future updates!


We have added some more notes from a friend. These have useful information, clues, hints and secrets to help guide Players around the world and explore what Mercia has to offer.

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We’ve added the Maul, a devastating weapon with crushing force. Particularly useful at breaking down doors…


For everyone running their own server, we’ve added brand new custom server settings to allow you to tailor your game to how you want to play. Want to limit combat for a purely RP experience? No problem! Think the hunger rate is too easy? Make it faster!

  • CombatSpeedModifier= Speed of walking in combat Multiplier
  • SprintingSpeedModifier=Sprint Multiplier
  • EncumberedSpeedModifier=Speed when encumbered Multiplier
  • CarryWeightModifier= multiplier for carry weight
  • IncrementHungerInterval=how often hunger gets increased in seconds
  • IncrementThirstInterval=how often thirst gets increased in seconds
  • IncrementbleedingInterval=how often does bleeding cause damage in seconds
  • DisableInfection=n o infection damage(true/false)
  • DisablePvP = no Player to Player damage(true/false)
  • CombatOnly =no Survival mechanics (true/false)
  • TimeOfDaySpeed= Day cycle speed multiplier
  • DamageModifier= Multiplier to damage(can be decimal for less damage)


  • A super rare relic item can now be found in the world
  • If close enough to a relic it will appear on your compass
  • UI warning on logout, if you try and leave while you have a relic in your possession
  • 3 Catacombs added to the world to explore
  • Death knights now spawn in catacombs
  • New main menu look
  • New backend character rig
  • Physic based drunk effect, affects player animations



  • A.I. and players now drop lootbags again to prevent exploits and bugs
  • Adjusted serverlist backend to allow more servers to be shown
  • Animals have had their hitboxes improved
  • Early access version number updated


  • All weapons have had their damage rebalanced so armour is more prominent
  • All weapons had had their stamina re-balanced to incorporate new combat system
  • Stamina recharge is faster but has longer delays
  • Drunk effect lasts longer


  • Fixes for server crashes
  • Fixes for client crashes
  • Fix to stop books having a quality level
  • Fixes for environment art bugs


  • Massive increase to server CPU stability
  • Ai optimisations
  • Animation optimisations


  • Some animations are placeholder or missing completely (Emotes will not work this build)
  • Heavy attacks sometimes don’t deal additional damage
  • Crossbows will not work


…See you in Mercia!

// The SIG Team

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