The Black Death

Patch Notes: V0.20 – Co-Op Housing

Welcome adventurers to V0.20: Co-Op Housing!

Fresh Installs & Server Wipes

We highly recommend performing a full clean re-install of The Black Death when downloading the new update. As the update includes a brand new Engine version doing this should help to minimise any issues. Fresh Re-Install Steps

Due to the fixes and changes in this update we are performing full Server wipes for all of our Official Servers. SIG Official Server List

This wipe is necessary for the updates and fixes to take effect in particular regards to player housing.

The wipe will be happening as this update, V0.20, is deployed onto our Live servers.

Update Notes

The update was delayed due to the previous engine update (4.17) causing some undesirable effects such as bugs and crashes forcing us to update to a newer more stable version. However 4.18 is a fairly new engine update so please if you do come across any issues let us know.

In this update we have focused on housing stability, crashes and adjusting the base housing mechanics as a whole and implemented a huge unreal engine update to 4.18 which has the following patches notes:
Unreal Engine 4.18 Released!

The housing changes should now able you and your friends to share ownership of the house which includes the ability to build utilities, open doors and employ guards but also give automatic locking and unlocking to players with correct permissions, this has allowed us to streamline the door mechanics to be more efficient and not require manual operation.

Here is a screenshot showing the Housing permission list where you can add and remove Players

If you have completed the Tutorial before but would like to re-do it, bring up the Console Command window in game by pressing the Tilde key, and typing in “restarttut”.

Here are the other important changes with this update:

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when you pick stuff you have grown from a seed
  • Fix for rare crash when getting the icon for an object you are looking at
  • Fix for your player name in the death screen appearing as “none”
  • Fixed to house nodes location/rotations to stop built object blocking/intersecting
  • Fixes for doors and house objects popping in and out
  • Fixed bug with radial context menu where if you hover over seeds twice it would clear the seed list
  • Fixed bug causing combat red dot cross hair to stay on screen when not in combat
  • Fix to stop house nodes from blocking the player’s camera
  • Fixes to misc montage skeletal mesh problems
  • Misc fixes to things that became broken when transitioning to Unreal Engine V4.18
  • Fixed misc backend UI problems that were slowing down cooking process
  • Fixed a bug that would stop you being able to dig up graves
  • Fixed bug in the hanging guys actor
  • Crouching in front of an enemy prevents them hitting you
  • Fixed an issue with some iron ore nodes being unable to mine due to missing collision
  • Fix to stop tents bleeding when you hit them
  • Fixed bug that caused two sickness animations to play at the same time, also made sure it plays the same randomised animation on all clients
  • Added safety checks against the character create loading screen getting stuck up
  • Adjusted the network values of A.I. attacks to prevent them hitting earlier than the animation they use


  • Updated to Unreal Engine Version 4.18
  • House workbenches now have permission lists. (This list is for people who you want to be able to use your doors and access your nodes)
  • Made it so you can now withdraw from the house workbench as well as deposit into it
  • You can now hold Alt to freely look around your character as you are walking
  • Added a small note to house workbench to show what each resource icon means
  • Added Chicken Farmer serf as a possible house/kingdom node build option
  • Hunter Camps serf as a possible house/kingdom node build option
  • Larger house storage items are now available
  • Added a UI warning when you try to open a door that you do not have permission for
  • Added “equip tool” into the interaction required tool context, so that you can more quickly get to the tool you need
  • New knock on door animation
  • New eating animation
  • New harvesting using sickle animation
  • New planting seed animation
  • New wood chop/Mining Animation
  • New dig animation
  • Add blending left and right direction lean when you run forward
  • Added rat sounds to rat swarms


  • Removed house door codes and locks from the game. This system has been replace by a house permission system in a houses workbench
  • Doors to a house can now only be opened if you have permission on the workbench
  • Graphics overhaul such high quality ambient occlusion, post process improvements and cloud shadows
  • Change the server list population from numbers to text: low, mid or high
  • Updated house outside nodes to include campfire build option
  • When buying a house you get nodes straightaway instead of having to upgrade the shell
  • Sped up door open/close speed
  • Updated the look of NPC chat to match the paper style
  • Pushing enter on LAN IP input in the server browser, submits instead of starting new line
  • Adjusted attenuation on unsheath weapons
  • Adjusted timers in UI to a better format for when under 10 sec (house and context wheel)
  • Updated version number to V0.20
  • Removed forage stones action from mining context wheel as no functionality yet
  • Updated lowest state of iron ore resource mesh
  • Adjusted the battleaxe icon so it isn’t the same as the wood axe icon
  • Made barricades do a locked door anim/sound rather than a dropping item anim


  • House storage re-balanced and now has tiers available
  • Maul removed from shops to prevent exploits
  • Rebalanced shop gold amounts
  • Increased boar health


  • Optimised the growing actors (things that grow from seeds)
  • Optimised the hanging guys
  • Optimised house nodes tick rate
  • Optimised weapon pickups
  • Optimised gamemode
  • Optimised player starts tick rate
  • Optimised main menu
  • Optimised UI across the board
  • Optimising textures
  • Optimised network data for character replication
  • Deleting old style UI textures
  • Optimised sounds
Known Issues
  • Looting & Gathering animations sometimes do not play

…See you in Mercia!

// The SIG Team

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