The Black Death

Patch Notes: V0.21 – Kingdoms

Welcome adventurers to V0.21 – Kingdoms!

The ‘KINGDOMS’ update focuses on social/community aspects of the game as well as bug fixes, optimisations and requested features such as further Female customisation. This update is the start of a more regular release schedule with a focus on bug fixing, optimisation as well as refining and polishing features.

Jump into the land of Mercia with a bunch of new content to help enhance playing together as well as against each other! An updated map system lets you see landowners areas of influence and most importantly who the most powerful Lords/Ladies are on the server. What better way to show off power than by running your own empire? You can do just that with the newly added Frostfall Kingdom, located in Mercia’s snowy eastern plains.



We reworked the in-game chat system making it a stronger more fluid and functional base to work from. As a result, you can now privately message your friends and see the chat while in menus such as the inventory. We have also integrated Discord into the game’s back-end which allows us to take advantage of their rich presence functionality.

During the production of this update, we also managed to significantly increase performance in many areas resulting in a higher more consistent frame rate.

Core Updates:

  • New dynamic map shows more information; POI locations, house area of influence and list of most powerful players on the server
  • Initial rework of chat system allowing further chat options (general chat as well as direct messaging to Steam friends.)
  • Female player character pass 8 new female heads, 6 new female hair options, 1 new female body with 5 variants
  • The Kingdom of Frostfall is now purchasable
  • Optimisations and performance tweaks


  • Fixed crash associated with Madeleine Diary’s – II book pickup not spawning when dropped
  • Fixed bugs that could cause you to be kicked to the main menu (getting sick, eating poisoned food, using voice chat)
  • Fixed bug which caused many animations not to play
  • Fixed bug which stopped non-house doors from being interacted with
  • Fixed bug which stopped you being able to transfer gold into house storage
  • Fix to house anvils to allow you to repair items at them, like with normal anvils
  • Fixes to the UI for 4:3 resolutions
  • Fix to stop tools being usable after they break
  • Fix to houses upkeep, so they take resources when timer hits 0:00
  • Fix for VOIP sometimes being stuck on
  • Fixes to collision of house’s outer walls to prevent exploitations
  • Fixed audio error in the inventory menu
  • Fixed overlapping text problem in the keybinding settings and adjusted the formatting of names to be cleaner
  • Fixed Black holes appearing in the clouds
  • Fixes made to multiple locations where the player can become stuck
  • Fixed purchasing a baker for your kingdom resulting in an ale trader
  • Fixed incorrect material in tent assets lods
  • Fixed bug that caused some mud and water to not create footstep sounds
  • Fixes to stop black holes appearing in sky
  • Fixed some culling issues which made objects pop into view
  • Fixed bug with foraging for water would leave you unable to move


  • New loading screen images
  • New aim offset for unarmed and unarmed crouch (Your head will tilt up and down with the angle you are looking at)
  • Added a link to our Discord channel on the main menu
  • Discord integration
  • Added crouching pickup (with placeholder animation), so you won’t stand up for a second when picking up while crouching


  • Hair shader has been improved
  • Now store and load the scrollbar offset for each professions crafting list to make easier when switching between them
  • New and updated loading screen tips
  • Updated the low, mid and high pickup animations
  • Updated some general player movement settings, for better fluidity
  • Updated aimoffsets to be turned off during running, jumping, swimming so they don’t break the animations
  • Updated the way we do root rotation, so now it affects running, jumping, swimming
  • Misc tweaks and fixes across the UI
  • Updated collision for outer walls of built houses to prevent exploits
  • Updated mud floor texture so that it cannot be used to plant seeds
  • Reduced the volume of the rats squeaking sounds
  • Updated version number


  • Crusader helmet now requires level 15 in the blacksmith skill tree instead of 22
  • Peasant skill tree now includes iron woodaxe


  • Optimised item data tick rates
  • Ferns now have correct cull distance set
  • Network optimisations
  • Audio optimisations

Known Issues:

  • Ai footstep sounds removed (They were causing problems will re-introduce in future build)
  • Benches, chairs, and stocks will not be usable in this build but will be re-introduced in future build)


…See you in Mercia!

// The SIG Team

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