The Black Death

Patch Notes: V0.22 – Carriage

Hello there Mercia,

We have put together a new update to deal with some important issues and added a new feature to allow player’s to craft and equip bags that can increase their carry weight! Here are the patch notes in full:


  • Fixed crash on game loading from discord-rpc.dll issues
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing down the game
  • Fixed bug that caused your view to get frozen when pushing “E” to exit from the inventory after reading a book or note
  • Fixed bug that could cause dissection labels to get stuck on your screen permanently
  • Fixed bugs with repairing clothing items, they should now all be repairable
  • Fixed bug with Leatherwork Apron and Work Apron pickups
  • Fixed bug that caused you to stop moving when equipping/consuming/healing from the context wheel
  • Fixed socket rotation issue of simple ai that holds ale
  • Fixed Steam issue on servers not registering players


  • You can now craft 3 tiers of bags within the artisan tree to increase your carry weight


  • Polishing the context wheel UI
  • Updated item icons
  • Sped up time it takes when pressing “E” to bring up the context wheel
  • Recipes now use the icon for the item they will make
  • Update pass on the House workbench UI to make things easier to read
  • Update pass on the inventory UI to make recipes easier to read
  • Made the inventory auto select and fill the last recipe you were on when you enter it
  • Separate storage units for each resource type are now available for building
  • Guards are only available to hire within the wall perimeter of houses
  • First guard node is now an additional first tier utility node instead


  • Wellness health increase rate has been re-balanced
  • Added 1 wheat to buy cost of mid and heavy house guards to match that of light guard
  • Guards now cost less wheat upkeep resources, they now cost more gold upkeep instead


  • Optimised UI

Thanks everyone for playing and good luck with surviving the black death…

The S.I.G. Team

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