The Black Death

Patch Notes: V0.23

Hello there Mercia,

This week’s update has been a primary focus on further optimisations and fixes issues that can cause various crashes.

Here are the patch notes in full:


  • Fix added to stop you getting kicked to main menu when using inventory via the context wheel
  • Fix for a crash happening on game start-up
  • Fix to Royal Tunic item so that you can repair it at an anvil
  • Fix to stop previously owned houses keeping collisions and nodes when bought by someone new
  • Fixed an exploit with tool durability through equipping/un-equipping
  • Fixed a bug which would let you use tools after they had broken
  • Fixed some UI chat stuff that you could interact with while in inventory that you shouldn’t have been able to
  • Fixed bug which stopped you being able to perform dissections on bandits/NPCS
  • Fixed formatting of some timers in the UI
  • Misc spelling fixes in the chat trees


  • If an “E” interaction has only one action that can be taken we made this happen automatically without having to select it from the wheel
  • Added a pop-up to the house workbench to warn players that if they remove all people from the permissions then the house will have to be bought again
  • Updated some icons for house node items
  • Small visual updates to the context wheel UI
  • Updates to the inventory UI


  • Big optimisation to network traffic

Known Issues:

  • We have temporarily removed steam to in-game chat while we hunt down a crash related to it

Thanks again to everyone playing the black death.

See you in Mercia

The S.I.G. Team

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