The Black Death

Patch Notes: V0.24 Onslaught Hotfix #1

Hello Everyone,

We have a hotfix addressing some of the issues occurred in the latest update such as resources not providing XP, tweaking to the game’s combat mechanics and multiple crash and loading screen issues.


  • Added new smaller UI around the crosshair to show you weapon abilities/cooldown timers


  • Fix added for loading screen staying up bug
  • Fixed a crash on closing the game down
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when weapon swinging
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attacking doors/barricades
  • Fix added to remove a weapons from your quickslot UI when it breaks
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes make A.I. do 500% damage when the player was wearing armour.
  • Fix added to stop character rotation lerping back to North anims when running NW direction
  • Fix added so that after being on low health and healing up the player does not remain bloody anymore
  • Fixed bug where if you used the context wheel to enter inventory when you close it you will have your view locked
  • Removed usable actions from context wheel when knocked out as this was from the old system and could cause bugs
  • Fix to Kite shield recipe, it show now craft the correct shield instead of the round shield
  • Fixed a bug that meant if you died while infected and respawned you would continue to have the infected sound alteration stuck on
  • Fixed bug with rat not playing correct animations, causing errors
  • Fix added for rat physics bug that was causing errors (“LogPhysics: Warning: FConstraintInstance::GetRefFrame : Contained scale”)
  • Fixed rat sound in main menu
  • Fix added to main menu music so that it now loops correctly
  • Numerous environmental art bug fixes


  • Removed warning sound and error UI popup for when you are “Already swinginging” or “Action Notready”
  • Updated and increased the frequency of the new ai speech
  • Updated procedural resources to provide xp rewards
  • There is now 3 different tiers of Iron sword to craft, rusty, standard and royal
  • For now removed combat stamina as was conflicting with weapon cooldown mechanic
  • Improved the physics of the cape attached to the royal chest plate
  • Updated the in-game settings keys page UI. Now shows the correct and up to date keys info (quick slots and attacks etc)
  • Crafting time is now increased the larger the quantity of that item you craft
  • Updated Stashing/looting and buy/sell to be one left click of the desired item now
  • Updated/adjusted volumes and concurrency values for eat, drink, and heal sounds so the sounds cant stack if e.g. you eat 3 apples quickly
  • Updated adjusted the timings at which throw weapons are released from the player
  • Updated and polished numerous areas across the land of Mercia
  • Loot items now become visible from further away so that they don’t appear to pop in as much


  • Adjusted ai numbers/damage
  • Increased the loot drop rate of animals
  • Reduced the amount of bandits around player’s houses
  • All equipment has had a 20% increase in armour value
  • Adjusted resources percent chance and spawn rates
  • Adjusted Xp amounts
  • Bleeding and poison damage has been reduced


  • Optimised rat rig
  • Optimised UI
  • Optimised skeletal meshes

Thanks for playing the new update and reporting some of these issues.

See you in Mercia

The S.I.G. Team

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