The Black Death

Patch Notes: V0.24 – Onslaught Hotfix #2



  • Updated movement speed while punching to be slightly slower
  • Updated the emote menu so it is consistent with the interaction menu and paper look
  • Updated character create to give you a randomised appearance when you first enter the menu
  • Updated and polished numerous areas across the land of Mercia
  • Each tier of stick club is now visually different


  • Fix for a bug that could stop you spending skill points
  • Fix for server crash that could happen if you hit someone in the head in combat
  • Fix for a item duplication bug to do with lootables
  • Fix to stop knockout timer resetting if you are already knocked out
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the click to wriggle free mechanic from working when you are being carried
  • Fixed A.I. left handed punches not doing damage
  • Fixed missing wooden planks along path to the “Black Gate”, so you can now enter again
  • Fix to bug that means that infected peasants and friendly hunters will now spawn
  • Fix added to stop animals spawning human gore pieces
  • Fix added to merchants so that they no longer just walk away when being attacked
  • Fixed bug causing rats to go invisible when hit and to not ragdoll properly when killed
  • Fixed crouching while picking up items causing you to freeze in place for animation duration
  • Fixed bug where boar and wolf bite volume had collision and could block player swings from doing damage
  • Fixed invalid bodies log error error on bandit ai
  • Fixed numerous environmental art bugs


  • Optimised UI

See you in Mercia

The S.I.G Team

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