The Black Death

Dedicated Server Setup

Prerequisites & Recommended Hardware

Operating system: Must be a Windows-based 64-bit OS.

Processor: Quad core processor @ 2.5Ghz or faster.

RAM: Minimum of 8GB (DDR3 preferably).

Note: Memory, CPU and bandwidth usage increases as the number of connected players increases. This is worth remembering if you’re using a 3rd party provider who’s rates are based on bandwidth usage or if you have a hard limit of your machine’s hardware.

Port Forwarding and Network

There are many websites with tutorials on port forwarding. It is highly suggested you visit, which offers tutorials for the majority of routers.

What ports work depends on you. 27015, 27016, 7779 and 7777 are the most common.

You MUST forward both TCP and UDP for your server to show up on any lists. You can make sure your ports are open by using

Good luck, port forwarding is not very easy.

Server setup from launcher

1 – Launch The Black Death via Steam (make sure you are using the main / default branch, not beta).

2 – Once the launcher has loaded enter a server name and password (leave the password blank if you want the server to be open).

3 – Select the “Launch Server” button.

4 – If a windows security alert screen is displayed select “Allow access”.

5 – The server should begin to run in the background and will look like this:

6 – Your server is now running!

7 – To connect to a server hosted on the PC you are also playing the game on select “Join my LAN server” to join a server hosted on a LAN network you are connected to choose “Join LAN server”.

WARNING – Hosting a server and playing the game on the same PC may cause performance issues depending on your hardware. 

8 – any server you are hosting yourself will not appear in your own server browser (don’t panic if you can’t see it here!) anyone browsing will be able to see your server.

Server setup with command lines


1 – Download and extract the .bat file above into …\Steam\SteamApps\common\BlackDeath\Plague\Server\WindowsServer\Plague\Binaries\Win64

2 – Right click to edit the _Server.bat, here you can change server settings such as server name. Save once you’ve made any changes.

3 – Double click the _Server.bat file to run your server.

4 – If a windows security alert screen is displayed select “Allow access”.

Using Server Commands

On the Server launcher, there is a password field called “AdminPassword”, put your chosen password in there and start your server by clicking on “Launch Server”.

Once you are in game you need to press the tilde key (usually found next to the number 1 on the left and just above the Tab key on your keyboard). Press this to bring up the Console Command line.#

If you do not have an English (United Kingdom) layout keyboard you can use our handy guide over on our Steam Hub and bring up the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows to use the Tilde key.

From here type in EnterAdminPassword *insert your password here* and press Enter.

As an example, this would look like:  EnterAdminPassword Plague

There should be yellow text in the top right-hand corner that reads “Password Correct”. You can now use Server Commands! To use these simply press the tilde key again to bring up the console and enter one of the commands listed below, these are case sensitive so make sure to enter them correctly!





These work as follows:

fly – allows you to fly around the world and get to places faster than on foot. With this command to disable flying you will need to make sure that you are close to the ground before you enter the command again else you may die from fall damage. To turn off fly simply enter the same command again.

ServerCommand fly

givexp – This command will give you one skill point when used. This can be entered multiple times, to gain another skill point simply enter the command again and hit Enter.

ServerCommand givexp

givegold – This command will give you 100,000 gold when used. This can be entered multiple times, to gain another 100,000 gold simply enter the command again and hit Enter.

ServerCommand givegold

Using Custom Server Settings (Experimental)

For everyone running their own server, we’ve added brand new custom server settings to allow you to tailor your game to how you want to play. Want to limit combat for a purely RP experience? No problem! Think the hunger rate is too easy? Make it faster!

Please Note: You need to make sure that when you add any change these settings on your server that it is OFFLINE when you are making these changes.

To add and change custom server settings you will need to navigate to the Plague/Config folder located on the Black Death install on your dedicated server (not the install on your home PC)

the “DefaultServerSettings.ini” file whilst you are connected to your server and edit the file using a text editor such as Notepad, Wordpad or Notepad++.

  • CombatSpeedModifier= Speed of walking in combat Multiplier
  • SprintingSpeedModifier=Sprint Multiplier
  • EncumberedSpeedModifier=Speed when encumbered Multiplier
  • CarryWeightModifier= multiplier for carry weight
  • IncrementHungerInterval=how often hunger gets increased in seconds
  • IncrementThirstInterval=how often thirst gets increased in seconds
  • IncrementbleedingInterval=how often does bleeding cause damage in seconds
  • DisableInfection=n o infection damage(true/false)
  • DisablePvP = no Player to Player damage(true/false)
  • CombatOnly =no Survival mechanics (true/false)
  • TimeOfDaySpeed= Day cycle speed multiplier
  • DamageModifier= Multiplier to damage(can be decimal for less damage)