The Black Death


When will bug X be fixed?

As soon as possible. Each bug has a priority. Higher priority ones should get fixed sooner, but some issues are more complex than others.

When will feature X be implemented?

As soon as possible. See our roadmap for more info.

I want to ask something about early access?

You’ll find your answer HERE!

Can I monetize my videos / streaming content?


Why am I crashing / suffering poor performance / connections dropping?

Because The Black Death is in early access, meaning we are still developing it.

We try and make sure crashes are avoided, but sometimes they happen. It’s part of development. These are things we are constantly improving on over time.

Why is server X down? When will it be back up?

Again, The Black Death is in early access, meaning we are still developing it. Sometimes certain bugs can take down entire servers. (These are the bugs we fear the most!).

We try and avoid letting any of these slip into live servers but occasionally it happens.

Can I host my own server?

Not yet, but you will be able to soon. More info here. 

Will you support other language?

Yes we plan on adding localisation for other languages. This will be something that’s implemented during the course of early access.

What are these BETA / PST / Public Test Servers I keep hearing about?

These are where we test our updates before launching them to live servers (a process we go through to try and avoid ever having catastrophic bugs on live servers – you’re welcome!)

More info here.